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How to Do Waxing for Men
by clamum in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Excess body hair for men seems to be a thing of the past. Men of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, professions and sizes are removing unwanted hair from their bodies. The most common areas are the back, chest and even the bikini area. They do it for a fresher feeling and to increase their sex appeal. One way to remove this excess hair is through waxing.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Visi
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DIY Car Waxing
by Ansari in Cars
When you keep your car waxed, you are extending the life of the paint, protecting it from UV rays, moisture and environmental pollution. Waxing your car also helps keep the paint looking glossy and new. Waxing the wrong way or without proper precautions can leave your car with white, hazy swirl marks and a dull finish. Wax your car yourself and keep the paint looking like new.Difficulty:Moderately
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About Waxing
by Samuel K in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The use of wax to remove unsightly hair from our bodies is not a modern phenomenon. In fact, ancient Egyptian women used a sugary wax-like substance to keep their bodies hair-free. Despite advances in hair removal technology, women have not yet abandoned waxing as a reliable and effective beauty treatment. From re-shaping eyebrows to eliminating hair growth at the bikini line, waxing is often a sl
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The Purpose of Waxing Your Car
by keyed in Cars
Waxing a car is a common practice that is designed to coat a car's paint job with automotive wax to improve its appearance and make it last longer. Although waxing a car is not a necessity, and although many car owners do nothing more than wash their cars periodically, waxing a car provides benefits to its paint job. What follows is a brief list of the most common reasons for applying wax to a car

Benefits of Waxing a Car
by jch in Cars
Applying wax to a car's paint job is an effective way to make the paint last longer. Although somewhat time consuming and labor intensive, waxing a car offers long-lasting benefits to a car's exterior that more than makes up for the effort involved. What follows is a brief list of the many benefits that waxing a car offers. Shine and GlossThe natural shine and gloss of the paint returns after
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Car Waxing Tips
by codemnky in Cars
Waxing your car is an easy way to make it shiny and make it look new. When people think of waxing their vehicles, they typically think of using a product like Turtle Wax, to bring out the shine of their car's paint job. While washing and simply waxing your car is a fine way to achieve decent results, there are a few other tips that can make your vehicle look like it just came off the showroom floo
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Waxing Products for Men
by vi edit in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Men's hair does not share the same characteristic as women's hair. This makes waxing products made for women useless when used on men's hair. Although women's products dominate the market for this type of commodity, men can now benefit from products specially formulated for their needs. Waxing products for men are now available to effectively remove their coarser, darker and thicker hair. Veet
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Epilator Vs. Waxing
by Janne Lammi in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Epilators and waxing provide women and men with a way to remove hair at the root. You can perform these hair removal treatments at home, and they are effective in preventing hair from growing back right away. Epilator ProsEpilators are easy to operate. Over time, hair becomes less coarse when it grows back.
Epilator ConsUsing an epilator can be painful the first few times. Some people may ex
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Ski Waxing Techniques
by joth in Sports & Fitness
Any expert ski tech will agree--regularly applying a healthy coat of wax to your skis is vital to maximizing the equipment's potential. But flying downhill at Mach speed and claiming to be "king of the mountain" isn't the only function of a solid wax job. Whether you aspire toward Olympic greatness, leisurely corduroy cruising or deep powder ecstasy, proper ski waxing technique adds not only funct

How to Do Bikini Waxing
by Martin Dobrev in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Each year, many women flock to beauty salons and spas in search of a bikini wax that will keep their bikini lines looking neat and clean. A bikini wax removes hair around the bikini line at the root, leaving smooth, hairless skin for up to six weeks. For some women, maintaining the bikini line is a year-round effort that becomes quite costly. Avoid high-priced salon bikini waxes in favor of an at-
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