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passing structs over UDP weakly typed
by nipj in Mobile Programming

I'm new to network programming, and am basically learning-by-doing. I'm folling Mike Ashes program "Sphere Net" from iPhone Cool Projects. I understand what's going on in the program, but I'm ready to start extending it and I expect to be sending a reasonable variety of packet types (each represented as a struct). It doesn't seem rignt to declare different methods for each type of packet.

ASP.NET MVC validation in weakly typed views
by UglyCasanova in Programming Languages

I have a problem validating data on view that is not strongly typed. I'm updating data from 3 different models on that view, and I have validation methods that work on them, but I don't know how to display the validation message.

Where should I put validation messages (for strongly typed views I put them in ModelState, I presume that does not make sense in this case), and how should

ConcurrentHashMap returns a weakly consistent iterator, why should we use it anyhow?
by tayles in Programming Languages

I am reading the book Java Concurrecny in practice. On page 85 section 5.2.1 it talks about the ConcurrentHashMap and its advantages. However, in one part, the books claims that

the iterators returned by ConcurrentHashMap is weakly consistent. This
means that this iterator can tolerate concurrent modification,
traverses elements as they existed when iterator was co

How can the Objective-C runtime know whether a weakly referenced object is still alive?
by Train in Programming Languages

With the advent of ARC, some new functions were made available to allow developers to play around with weakly referenced objects. id objc_loadWeak(id *location) is one of them. This function receives one parameter correspoding to a location in memory where a weak object was stored and returns this object if it is still alive or nil if it were deallocated.


How To Convert Weakly Typed JSON Into C# Readable Object
by LDam in C & C++ & C#

I have a WCF service that reads JSON from a Non .NET HTTP Request. I would like to use JSON.NET or some other tool to convert that JSON into a weakly typed object that can be read on the server side in C#. I hope not to have to create WCF data contacts for this process. I do not know the full schema of the returned JSON. Also, it may vary. I'm looking for something generic. Any suggestions on

how to declare %ROWTYPE of a variable that is a weakly typed SYS_REFCURSOR?
by glenn1 in Programming Languages

W.r.t code below I can not declare the type of fetch-into-variable as the underlying table's %ROWTYPE because the SYS_REFCURSOR is on a select that joins two tables and also selects a few functions called on the attributes of the underlying two tables; i.e I can't declare as L_RECORD T%ROWTYPE

How to get a JObject from a JArray with weakly typed code and JSON.NET v4.5
by tobybot in Programming Languages


[{ provinceid: "1", provincename: "北京", cityid: "33", cityname: "北京", jp: "bj", quanpin: "beijing" },
{ provinceid: "1", provincename: "北京", cityid: "600", cityname: "朝阳(北京)", jp: "cy", quanpin: "chaoyang" },
{ provinceid: "1", provincename: "北京", cityid: "601", cityname: "通州(北京)", jp: "tz", quanpin: "tongzhou" },

RavenDB: Adding documents from weakly-typed objects
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

I'm trying to figure out how to insert weakly-typed objects as RavenDB documents.

For example, I would like to insert a Datatable as a document:

Each row is mapped to a single document
The columns are mapped keys in the document
The entire Datatable is a collection of documents of the same schema

Although the data is in a Datatable, it doesn't fit a relat

How to Brace Weakly Attached Tree Branches & Trunks
by Dennis in Home & Garden
Tree branches and trunks can become damaged in violent storms or as a result of some other devastating event. The branches or trunks may still be viable but weak. Bracing an injured trunk or branch may give it the chance to heal and grow strong. The bracing process is similar to bracing an injured arm or leg. You can bring a renewed health and vigor to an injured tree by following an easy procedu

Algorithms for maximum weighted spanning weakly connected DAG
by Sankarsan Bose in Web Design

Is there an algorithm to find maximum weight spanning DAG that is weakly connected in a directed graph where every cut has sets that are weakly connected (There is at least one directed path from one set to another)? Or it is a NP hard problem? The previous question on this topic did not specify http://mathoverflow.net/questions/31864/algorithms-for-maximum-weighted-spanning-connected-dag-direc

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