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javascript xpcom component to download weather underground weather data
by micaleel in Programming Languages

I am building a javascript component for Firefox that will take in a zip code, and will return the current weather conditions.

The sample code that weather underground uses jQuery, but as I understand it, I cannot include this code in my javascript component, as javascript does not have the functionality to include other javascript files.

At any rate, I have built up my

How to Fix INSTALL.LOG Error for The Weather Channel Desktop Weather
by Robert M in Computers
The Weather Channel's "Desktop Weather" program has a known issue with its uninstallation routine--when you try to uninstall it, it may complain that it cannot find "INSTALL.LOG" and refuse to proceed. Often, this is fixable by making a copy of the uninstall executable in a different folder, and isn't too hard. It's also possible that the program on your computer is malware masquerading as "Deskto

Hi friends any gem for showing weather using http://www.weather.com/ details?
by Comfly in Programming Languages

I want to integrate weather details using http://www.weather.com in ruby on rails application. I am using rails 3

can any one suggest any gem is available for customizing these api.

I have found some gem but I do not know how to integrate this gem and getting parent id and licence key.

Thanks in Advance,

How to Install a Weather Channel Weather Station
by redblacktree in Home & Garden
With the uncertainty of weather conditions, it’s nice to be able to look at a handy display and see just what is going on without having to leave your home. The Weather Channel Weather Station let’s you read current conditions such as humidity, wind speed, rainfall and temperature, and even has a history button so you can read what the weather was like last month. It has an easy-to

What Do the Little Colored Dots on the Weather Underground Weather Map Mean?
by malbojah in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Weather Underground is a website and service that has made a name for itself for two decades. Weather Underground began at the University of Michigan as a computer billboard in the pre-Internet days of 1991 and grew into a full-blown website in 1995.
Weather Underground today runs the gamut from severe weather and marine warnings to national "backyard weather." The average weather buff with a

How to Predict the Weather With a Barometer & a Weather Vane
by HidingInABunker in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Weather vanes (which rotate according to wind direction) and aneroid barometers (which record atmospheric pressure) are simple tools the amateur meteorologist can acquire relatively inexpensively. While forecasting the weather is notoriously difficult, paying attention to these two indicators of atmospheric activity can be remarkably productive---and, over time, one can begin to observe real and p

How to read weather data through google weather API
by Sigtryggur in Programming Languages

I am developing weather sample application by using Google weather API for android and so far I have developed(You can see image below)

I have problem how to read the data as shown in the red rectangle below. Now what changes do I needed in the source code to read the data.

My main activity

package org.anddev.android.weatherforec

How to get 5 days weather forecast from Yahoo Weather
by psolord in Programming Languages

I am developing android project, in that i have to show the particular city's weather forecast. First i thought to achieve it through the Google Weather API, then as stated by "Jason Hall" in the link, so iGoogle going to shut down. Then i turned my view to Yahoo Weather API, by googled i got this link. So i got the weather forecast for particular location, now i want to get it for next 5 days,

How to Identify Weather Symbols on a Weather Map
by xguru in Culture & Society
Weather maps use symbols to articulate weather patterns around the country and the world. Meteorologists created an elaborate but understandable symbol system with colors, shapes, and swooping lines to describe high and low pressures, precipitation, fronts, and other weather-related occurrences. Understanding weather map symbols takes a bit of memorization and practice to perfect.Difficulty:Modera

Weather Watch Vs. Weather Warning
by Paul McKee in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The timing of a significant weather event determines whether the National Weather Service issues a watch or a warning. These advisories are extremely relevant and enable people to plan their day and activities accordingly. ScenariosThe weather watch and the weather warning can apply to such hazardous weather scenarios as snow, ice, flooding, wind, and extremes of temperature.
WatchesA watch


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