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Loading Configuration/Properties file in webservice (require data to be persistent in the webservice)
by Shantanu in Programming Languages

I am creating a webservice.
However i need it to read data from a config/properties file at a particular time in day and use the data got in the same for all transactions which are posted to the webservice.

Issue is - as i understand, a webservice has lifecycle which starts with a request and ends with response, so the local variables would be of no use.

Hence I nee

Problem in getting attributes from webservice to servlet when the return type of operation in webservice is STRING []
by Liy in Development Tools & Services

I made a Webservice Operation whose return type is STRING []
Following is the code

@WebMethod(operationName = "authorize")
public String [] authorize(@WebParam(name = "Username")
String Username) {
CAuthorization CA = new CAuthorization();
String [] Result= null;
try {
Result = CA.CheckAuthorization(Username);

App doesn't retrieve JSON data from PHP webservice. Webservice works fine
by rajiv in PHP

My app doesn't seem to pull the JSON data from PHP webservice properly.

Visiting the webservice's function to get all data records from database produces JSON properly, but my app can't grab that data and seems to end up with NullPointerException.

LogCat issues me this:


Noticed this error in yellow that happens before the belo

Android ksoap2 Microsoft Webservice - unable to pass parameters to webservice
by boomerang in Programming Languages

I am learning how to create an android app and webservice using:
Eclipse IDE
ksoap2 version 2.6.5 with dependencies
Visual studio 2010

my method was to follow this great tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9EowBVgwSo&feature=related

the tutorial works fine with the w3schools test webservice.

I then attempted to write my own webservice

Consume .NET WebService - Parsing an array of data from an asmx WebService in Android
by PokerGuy in Android

I have a .NET Web-services with asmx extension.
The service http://www.web.com/SampleService/SampleService.asmx has two endpoints:

First is http://www.web.com/SampleService/SampleService.asmx/GetName
which provides the name of the customers in the following format:

Similarly, the second endpoint http://www.web.com/SampleService/SampleService.asmx/GetTax a

Can you write a webservice call in coldfusion without using createObject(“webservice”…i.e. using Java
by tontod in Java

I found this on adobe website for cf 9 re consuming services not generated by CF

I am having problems with this wsdl and authentication. The authentication works as i have managed to access methods via .Net.

Its possible its a webservice that CF cant process.

They [Eloqua] h

Has anyone built a .net webservice client to consume the FSET California webservice?
by Kavoos in Web Design

Has anyone built a .net web service client to consume the FSET California web service?

.asmx webservice with asp.net mvc 3 application and call webservice from phonegap android?
by Max Ollerenshaw in Android

I am creating one android phonegap application, for that i need data from database through webservice that is in asp.net mvc3 application. i know how to call webservice from android phonegap but creating webservice in asp.net mvc3 stucks me.. hows that posible to create webservice in asp.net mvc3 and call from android phonegap?

How to get the results of C# WebService call that used a custom proxy for the WebService request?
by amelim in C & C++ & C#

I am trying to read/cast/parse into a string the results of a WebService call.

WebMethod method = list.Services[0].Methods[0] as WebMethod;
if(method != null)
Object ResultsObj;
ResultsObj = new Object();
ResultsObj = method.Invoke();
//Returns "WS.GeocodeRespo

Response code is null while executing Axis2 webservice client in java but webservice executed successfuly at the server end
by deanschang in Java

I am working on axis2 webservice in java for insertion of records into database. i am testing the webservice client, it return null response code, actually i return integer value in webservice but i inserted the reocrds in database successfully, i can able to see in my databnase while excuting the client but it return null instead of integer response code 100.whenever i see the log file in serv

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