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My websites google search links are redirected to some unknown websites
by mckasty in Development Tools & Services

Today while giving a check to my website, just found this problem.

Here is details of problem:

When I Google my website, it appears in Google result page as always.

But when I click on the link to my website in search result, It takes some time to redirect me, after processing it redirect me to some Random url like: http://yes.mefound.com/?said=3333g&q=.

How can I check for stopped websites and starting those websites using powershell functions
by obijywk in Development Tools & Services

Im currently updating and replacing old outdated nightly scheduled batch files with new self sufficient PowerShell scripts.

The one I am having trouble with is website starts. I am able to use the current test code to get the list of sites and display them but cannot figure out a way to correctly start them if they are stopped.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

How to Avoid NoFollow Websites and Find DoFollow Websites
by Matthew Damp in Business
When you create a website, the only way to get noticed is to get links pointing to your site from another one. It's a way of building an online reputation, which gives you a higher rank in search engines. The more links you aquire, the closer you get to being the number one search result for your topic.
A surprising fact to most people: many sites they get links from are of little to no valu

can websites reach cookies which are left from other websites?
by Gianluca Riccardi in Web Design

Can websites reach and use cookies which are left from other websites? And are there coookie like technologies which we cannot simply delete from our browsers settings?

'Big' websites using ASP.NET MVC
by greggerz in ASP & ASP.net

I suspect that this question may have been asked before, but I couldn't find it.

I would like to know what the biggest sites out there using ASP.NET MVC at the moment are.

StackOverflow, obviously - but I haven't heard about many others yet.

Are there any other 'big' ones?


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About WAP websites
by Dopey in Web Design

How to create a WAP website?
What software do I use?
Do I just need to use HTML coding or other type of language?
And after I created it, Can I view it on my own phone?
Do I need a server to let it run or I can just view it on my phone?

Can someone help please, its for my project.
Thanks alot.

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The Best Used Car Websites
by unadopted in Cars
As the Internet has become more prominent, it is no longer necessary to drive to car lots or search the newspaper for a quality used car. You can now purchase used cars on the Internet through several websites without having to ever leave your house. No matter the year or model of car you want, there is a good chance of finding it on one of the best used car websites the Internet has to offer.
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How to Set up Your Own Websites
by walkur in Internet
Setting up your website requires two things -- a place to put the website and an FTP tool to upload the files. Get a place to put the website by buying a domain name and signing up with a Web host for server space. Look for hosts that include popular and useful tools, such as cPanel or Fantastico, which provides auto-installers for software such as WordPress. Download an FTP tool and set it up wit
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Asp.Net Nested Websites
by Shantanu in Programming Languages

What I'm trying to do is have a portfolio type of site where there is the main site and then say a customers folder and in each customers folder is the customers site. so something like mysite.com/cuustomers/customer1 would bring up there whole site. What do I need to do to the web config file of the nested site to get this to work. To test this, I created two new projects, compiled them, an

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Are there websites you can't build with ASP.NET MVC
by Navin in ASP & ASP.net

I was about to ask this question...but since it has already asked I will ask a different one.

I have never created a production website and I am thinking it is time for me to learn how. (I have simple one I can do for a customer.)

I personally LOVE the Convention Over Configuration paradigm at the heart of MVC (and I personally hope that Microsoft moves in that dire

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