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Original Wedding Photo Gift Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary
by The Merg in Weddings
A 50th wedding anniversary is also called the Golden Anniversary because of the years invested into a marriage. When searching for the perfect gift for the couple, try using their original wedding picture. Modern technology allows for several different print gift options using the original photo or a scanned version. While any gift will be cherished, try engraving, painting or photo screening for

How to make an ancient Greek/Roman wedding crown or wedding wreath
by Pain999 in Holidays & Celebrations
Ancient Romans and Greeks alike crowned bridal couples with marjoram as a symbol of happiness, love and honor. Marjoram is a type of oregano, and the name "oregano" itself comes from the Greeks, meaning "joy of the mountain."
Here's how to make a fresh marjoram wedding crown that can be worn, or a smaller wreath version that can be used to top a wedding cake or otherwise u

Wedding Flower Ideas for a Brown & Light Blue Wedding
by orneka in Home & Garden
Flowers play an important role in most weddings. With their varied hues, styles and scents, flowers are naturally expressive and can increase the emotion of any wedding day, as well as make it more memorable. Generally, couples carefully choose flowers to coordinate with other elements of the wedding, including its color scheme. For a brown and light blue wedding, consider incorporating flowers th

How to Book a Pre-wedding Haircut as Part of Grooming the Groom for the Wedding
by Mutilator in Weddings
Men, as well as women, need to look their best on the day of their wedding. Often,
men may not even consider the timing of the wedding in regards to his usual
haircut schedule. You may need to give him a helping hand with this one!Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Find out how often the groom has his hair cut.
If you discover that the groom gets his hair cut every three week

Does a Wedding Aisle Runner Go Down Before the Guests Arrive or Just for the Wedding Party?
by DaveStall in Weddings
In some regard, a bride's aisle runner acts as the matrimonial equivalent of a red carpet, signifying the importance of the walk about to take place on it. When the ushers put the aisle runner into place varies according to the conditions of the wedding and the preferences of the bride and groom, but a standard, commonly-followed time of placement does exist. History and SymbolismWedding aisle

How to Layout the Wedding Reception Hall to Include the Wedding Ceremony
by Stone in Weddings
A reception hall is traditionally used for a wedding's reception, but this space can serve as a ceremony venue, too. All it takes is a little extra planning and some rearranging to transform the space. By presetting your reception tables, designating a clear aisle for the ceremony and using the same chairs for both events, you'll be able to use the same room for all of your wedding festivities. Th

Wedding Etiquette: Should the Parents of the Bride Give a Wedding Present?
by algoRhythm99 in Culture & Society
For centuries, parents of the bride have had a heavy bill to foot. Although the age of the dowry is a memory in most cultures, the bridal family is often still expected to show a good time for attending guests. Parents of the bride wondering if an additional wedding gift is necessary, can often find their answer in some thoughtful ideas centered around the meaning of a wedded union. Traditional

Beach Wedding Ideas for a Stress-Free Wedding
by kranky in Weddings
Getting married on the beach is the dream of many women. As a result, beach weddings are one of the most popular types of weddings. Beach weddings provide memories that last a lifetime, and they can be much less expensive than a wedding done in a more traditional setting. They are outdoor events with special considerations, so care must be put into planning the details and preparing for any eventu

Difference Between a Civil Wedding Ceremony & a Church Wedding
by chardin in Weddings
If you are planning to get married, common options are to have a civil wedding ceremony or church wedding. There are major differences in these wedding types, but both offer the same result: a marriage certificate. When couples choose which type to have, the decision is based on many factors, including cost. FormalityWeddings held in churches are more formal than civil weddings. A civil wedding

How to Match Your Wedding Flowers and Decor to Your Wedding Season
by iamwiz82 in Weddings
Planning your wedding can become a full-time job in the months leading up to the big day. From choosing the dress, menu and guest list, you will likely have your hands full. Once you have set the date, it is important to consider the season in which the wedding is taking place. Flowers and decorations should coordinate with the season. Not only is this traditional, it is your most cost-effective o

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