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How Do I Order Guide Books from the Weight Watchers Weight-Loss Program?
by boobytrapped in Health
Weight Watchers is a weight loss program that will coach you in making changes to your eating and exercise habits either through attendance at meetings or through online programs. You need to pay a fee to subscribe to a Weight Watchers program, and several different payment plans are available. Weight Watchers supplements its programs by publishing books about diet, nutrition and exercise, includi

How to Get Started Losing Weight with the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
by lxskllr in Health
The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid-not to be confused with the Mayo Clinic Diet, a grapefruit-intensive fad diet not endorsed by the Mayo Clinic-is an online tool offered by The Mayo Clinic to help people build healthy diets, whether their goal is to lose or maintain weight. Getting started with the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid is easy, and because of the flexibility it offers, the prog

Is there a way to apply a bold weight to text before a set character, normal weight after it (or any type of css, really) without manual formatting?
by Micah in Web Design

I'm working with an e-commerce client in a CMS environment (mybigcommerce.com) and the titles could use a lot of cleaning up to make them more readable, e.g.:

5/16" x 12" ExcelMate DrIll Bit and Panel Driver—used to install ExcelMate Drivers, etc.

I'm bringing over dozens, maybe hundreds, of products and wanted to see if there is a way to set up the product's h1 css to

Healthy Meals for Weight Gain & Weight Training for Women
by Prasant Jain in Sports & Fitness
Sculpting the body of your dreams is hard work. Weight training while gaining weight requires careful planning. While training, you are burning hundreds of calories making it difficult to pack on body weight. In addition, it can be difficult to create a meal plan that is healthful and causes weight gain. If you follow a few simple tips, you will be on your way to the physique of your dreams in no

Seventh-Grade Science Experiments on the Weight of Air vs. the Weight of Water
by negonicrac in Education
In the seventh grade, students begin to learn basic chemistry -- and then, in most schools, move on to atoms and molecules when they reach the eighth or ninth grade. Most seventh-grade students understand that air and water have weight, and that each substance can exert pressure on the container in which it's held. There are a number of experiments that can help a seventh grader understand the ele

Lighter-weight elements - how does one gauge/know the weight of an element?
by Victorian Gray in Development Tools & Services

I'm working on the UI side of a WPF project. My favourite reference while xaml'ing (besides stackoverflow :) ) at the moment is Adam Nathan's "Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed". He gives the following tip regarding control templates: "Rather than using a ContentControl inside a control template, you should use the lighter-weight ContentPresenter element".

The developers I w

How to Determine What Bowling Ball Weight Is Suitable for One's Weight
by Nick Durcholz in Sports & Fitness
Selecting the right weight for a bowling ball is vital to becoming an accomplished bowler. A bowling ball that is too heavy could cause an injury. A ball that is too light can cause the bowler to develop bad mechanics, which will reduce accuracy. Bowling balls typically range in weight from six to 16 pounds.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Divide the weight of the bowler by 10. A general

How Can I Lose Weight If My Medication Is Causing Me to Gain Weight?
by sm625 in Health
Prescription medications that cause weight gain include antidepressants, corticosteroids, diabetic medications and birth control pills. Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, Director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, says that medication-related weight gain has increased as more people take drugs to control chronic conditions. Several drugs, such as corticosteroids and birth control, cause the body t

How do I Help a Four Year Old Lose Weight on a Weight Loss Program?
by findcontrol in Health
The statistics on overweight children in the United States are staggering. Some studies show that as many as one in five four-year-olds are overweight. The popularity of television, internet and video games is largely responsible for an overall lack of fitness in children across the nation. Fortunately, a carefully balanced approach including diet and exercise can help a child to maintain a health

How do I Help a Child Lose Weight After a Weight Gain From Medicine?
by Lafe in Health
There are many prescription medications that cause weight gain. Many young people are prescribed drugs that cause their fast metabolism to suddenly slow. As a parent, it's important to step in when you notice that your child has gained weight as a result of medication. No matter what has caused the weight gain, it can lead to other health problems, including diabetes. By making changes in your chi

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