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change width of an element(select box) only if the auto width is more than current width-jquery
by André Rocheleau in Web Design

It's the super-boring super-annoying IE-select-box issue!

I had solved it successfully...



Fixed width div stays centered even when browser width < div width
by Pepe Araya in Web Design

How do I center a div in a browser so it stays centered even when I make the browser width smaller than the div width?

I am currently using this:

text-align: center;
width: 1000px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

But the left side of my browser blocks the div when I resize.<

min-width and max-width issues. How to get inner content to grow with width
by NoTine42 in Web Design

I have a three column site that will display all three columns or just one. If it displays just one column, my example below is the column it will be displaying. This intro wrapper is the center column that needs to grow in the event that the columns to the left and right of this wrapper are not present. Specifically, the first div in the intro wrapper. The second div has a static

Div width automatically sizes to the width of its contents within a div which has a set width?
by jaysen in Web Design

Lets say I have this

<div class="sectionContainer">
<div class="itemsContainer">
<div class="items"></div>
<div class="items"></div>
<div class="items"></div>

The css:

/* width:300

Computed column width is different than css declared width for column. How does browser decide width?
by saikoh in Web Design

Let's say I have an html table with a css declared width of 750px. It has 5 columns and each column has a width of 50px, declared using css (all td's have a 50px width). Obviously, the sum of the columns' widths is 250px which is less than 750px.

When the browser renders the table, each column has a different computed width. I have one column which has 5 spaces only but a computed

min-width, max-width, width. Nothing work in IE8 on body tag
by Edwin Goei in Web Design

This is my web page which doesn't work in IE8 but works in FF 3.6.4 and Opera 9.63 :-

<style type="text/css">
margin:0px auto;
How to make a responsive web layout with a full width header and fixed width body
by rituraj in Web Design

I have an issue that I have seen come up in a couple different sites and I have never been able to find a solution. I have noticed that many other people have had similar issues but every fix that I have seen is not working on the site I am currently working on. Basically what I am trying to do is have a responsive layout with a header that has a repeating background that spans the entire windo

Android browser width stretched to iframe content width, despite overflow:hidden
by Peter Z in Programming Languages

I'm trying to mimick desktop-style iframes in Android (Dolphin browser) with some succes. The trick used is to put an <iframe> with position:relative; inside a <div> with fixed dimensions and overflow:hidden;, then using jQuery Mobile (or rather just the vmouse events) to handle mouse events for scrolling.

All this work

How do I make a child's div width match its content with parent's div width 100% overflow-x: auto in IE & FF
by David Mercer in Web Design

I have an art gallery full of thumbnails. I wanted to add a customized horizontal scrollbar so that users could scroll through a single row of thumbnails. There are different amounts of thumbnails in each gallery. I tried using CSS property "width:-moz-max-content;" however this only works in Firefox and not IE6,7,8, Chrome or Safari.

Here is an example - > http://theo.mypreview.co.

flex vbox child elements to take 100% of width without indicating width=“100%”
by john in Web Design

is it possible to make the child elements of a vbox to occupy 100% of the width without indicating width=100% for each element ?


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