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How to Cite Wikipedia in APA
by eskimospy in Education
Only use Wikipedia in specifically appropriate situations; most of the time, it's not a good reference for a paper that adheres to American Psychological Association, or APA, style. Because nonexperts write and edit Wikipedia, it doesn't offer a credible source that you can use to support your work. Proper scholarly sources originate from professional scholars and researchers and then undergo a pr
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Interacting with the Wikipedia API
by Baskaran in Programming Languages

Here's a link to get the intro for an article on Wikipedia about Goldman Sachs.


I have a two part question.

How can I use PHP to run these kinds of API calls on the server side? I want to be able to hook up to the Wikipedia API for

How to Footnote in Wikipedia
by Georgia in Internet
Since Wikipedia primarily is of a collection of user-generated content, citing the information in a footnote, or endnote, is important to establish the credibility of the content. Unlike adding footnotes to research papers and essays, adding footnotes to Wikipedia requires an HTML code template. When the HTML code and its contents are entered correctly and the page is published, you will find a sm

How to Get Wikipedia via RSS Feed
by pankaj in Internet
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is written by volunteers from all over the world. Since articles can be edited by other users, Wikipedia authors need to keep a regular watch on their articles. Wikipedia and other websites provide RSS feeds to make this job easier. RSS feeds allow users to keep track of changes and updates to Wikipedia articles in a newsreader, without going to the Wikiped
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How to Add Audio to Wikipedia
by George Garchagudashvili in Internet
Enriching content on Wikipedia is an important way to participate in the evolution of this popular site. Fortunately, adding audio files to Wikipedia articles is a simple matter.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Computer with Internet connection
Wikipedia account
Audio file with OGG file extension

Log in to Your Wikipedia AccountGo to Wikipedia's home p

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How to Use the Wikipedia API to Get Images
by Mattias Reichel in Internet
Wikipedia includes an application programming interface for .NET, so you can use the data from the website in your own websites. The API returns data for a specified article in the XML format, so you must parse the XML in your code. The Microsoft .NET language includes libraries that parse the XML data returned from any API. You connect to the API URL, retrieve to the XML and use the "imagein
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How to Use Wikipedia on Kindle
by Raghu in Computers
The Kindle is a hardware device developed by Amazon and used to download and view e-books and other digital media. One of the best features of the Kindle is free access to the Internet in the U.S. using cellular networks. The browser is similar to that of a mobile phone. The Kindle comes prepackaged with several bookmarked web pages, including BBC News, Yellow Pages and Wikipedia. Access Wikipedia
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Parser for wikipedia
by Matt Watson in Programming Languages

I downloaded wikipedia dump and want to convert from wiki format to my object format. Is there a wiki parser available that converts the object into XML?

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Limits of the Wikipedia API
by Dittmar in Development Tools & Services

I Read that wikipedia 's api is called media wiki. My question is regarding this api. Does this api have a maximum of calls per day/ hours / minutes ? I can' t seem to find it.

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About RTTI definition on wikipedia
by mrmt in Programming Languages

I was going through the example of RTTI here on wikipedia.

I am confused about this part

abc *abc_pointer = new xyz();

If abc_pointer is being made to point to a xyz object wouldnt it be obvious that that it will get identified.I mean what is the use of comparing

xyz_pointer != NULL

later on and RTTI in general then? Am I missing s

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