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C#/WPF, how to make a window (created with Window.ShowDialog()) title bar blink when clicking its parent window (like MessageBox does)?
by hovergirl in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a custom MessageBox by using a WPF Window that is called with ShowDialog().

So far, I've managed to implement everything, except for one thing.

As you know, when you use MessageBox.Show("text"); you cannot set the focus or click the parent window (the one that called the MessageBox). If you do try to click the p

IE - open.window from flash window(modal window) is blocked by the popup blocker
by Franklin Henderson in Web Design

After searching the whole web for the answer (and not having found it) I turn to you.
This is the issue:
I have an swf with video, click button and a full screen button which runs in a simple html page.

When clicking on the "click" button a new window is opened with URL x (using "window.open").
However, in IE9, when I'm in "full-screen" mode, my "window.open" is block

Google Chrome --new-window switch ignores --window-position and --window-size
by taviso in Programming Languages

I'm trying to control the size and position of newly spawned Google Chrome windows via the command line (through C#.)

My command line ends up looking like:

--new-window --window-position=100,100 --window-size=800,600 www.UrlToOpen.com

However, the new window just opens over top of where the last Chrome window was started.

The end resu

Main window disappears behind other application's windows after a sub window uses ShowDialog on a third window
by el-Capitan in Programming Languages

I have noticed this very odd behavior in a WPF application.

I have a MainWindow, which is shown using Show() from App.OnStartup. Said MainWindow can open a (non-modal) SubWindow, also using Show(). SubWindow's Owner is set to MainWindow.

When SubWind

Is it possible to extend the DOM of a new window opened using window.open without loading prototypeJS in the new window?
by SystemOverclock in Web Design

Is it possible to extend the DOM of a new window that I opened, using something like this:

var newWindow = window.open('about:blank', 'testWindow', ');

I thought Element.extend would work.. But I done see any refference to prototype in the DOM.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Reload top window from a popup window opened from colorbox(in top window)
by DMasterX in Programming Languages

I am opening a colorbox in my page.
In the colorbox iframe page, i have a link, that opens a popup window (window.open).

Now i want to reload the top window page that opened the colorbox, from the popup window.

I have tried the following code in my popup window, but it does not work:

echo '<script>window.top.location.href="test.php"; window.clos

How to pass information from pop-up window / modal window to base window in ASP.NET MVC
by Blue in ASP & ASP.net

I'm writing a contact form in ASP.NET MVC. The user will have the ability to attach regular files (using normal file / browse functions) as well as the ability to search for a particular person and attach files related to that person. The first part is simple enough, but the second part is what's giving me headaches.

For the second part I will be using a 2-3 page wizard. The user wi

how to minimize window to maximize window using shortcut key in window application using c#?
by UglyCasanova in C & C++ & C#

how to minimize window to maximize window using shortcut key in window application using c# ?

Drools - Create sub-window within a sliding window (Tumbling window?)
by fstender in Web Design

The problem goes like this

I have created a sliding window over a time duration of 30 days. I now need to identify occurances of events in the first 15 days and the second 15 days seperately. So as to arrive at an answer which says Event occured 5 times in the first half and occured 7 times in the second half.

A sample I tried out did not work as expected

How to submit a form on a child HTML window, then call a Javascript function on the parent window, then close the child window
by tayles in Javascript


This should be a pretty simple question, but I haven't found quite the answer I'm looking for yet.

I have a parent HTML window. When a user clicks a button on that window, it opens a child window (e.g., "childA.asp")

That child window includes a form. Here's what I'd like to happen when the user submits that form:

The data in the form is saved
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