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How to combine and make the validating functions work together this JavaScript work with calling in another function?
Category : Javascript

For some reason I can't get this code to work with formValidator (that has been called), please check to see if the code is correct and name some possibilities. This inline is for length/height because the external has validation for the mobile number and is validated in a different method using getElementById.

<script type="text/javascript">

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JS Player — Err : My Return false doesnt work with IE10 but work with all other browser
Category : Web Design

Hi ive made a mp3 player using javascript, its working perfectly on everybroswer except IE10

Ex of page : http://www.mupiz.com/noon (try to click on a song)

But IE10 follows the link and ignores the script before...

Here's My script :

var list = $("#playlist").find("a:not(.songLink)");
listNC=new Array();
for (var i=0;i&l

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Event touch up inside work in iphone but dont work in ipad ios6
Category : Programming Languages

This generate the error

Generate a project for iphone only with orientation landscape left and landscape right

Add a button to the interface builder

Run on the ipad simulator

Press the button and it does not work.

What can i do?

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Listview Scrollbar - Veritical Displays but doesn't work, Horizontal Not Displayed but Does work
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following ListView defined in a Grid win a to take up all the visible area. The Listview is bound and created and populated on the fly at page creation. Essentially the list is going to be bigger than the viewable area and taller than the viewable area, so I want to be able to scroll up to down and left to right.

Basically, the vertical scroll bar appears but it doesn'

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Firefox14 Firebug Color Coding doesnt work in new ExtJS work but in old Code
Category : Development Tools & Services

Normally Firebug shows the Color Coding if I hover a Link or clicking an Event in my HTML DOM. This still happens in old Code but not in my new one.... (New and old code on the same page).

For Example, if a hover a Link like this:

But in my ExtJs Code I toggle some class for example like this:

firstCell.on('click', function() {

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How does a debugger work? In other words how do programs which share the Address space of another program work?
Category : Development Tools & Services

How does a debugger work? In other words how do programs which share the Address space of another program work? How will they have ability to write on to another process' address space?

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Binding to external XML doesn't work, but adding XML using XData makes it work
Category : Development Tools & Services

Here is the code for App.xaml:

<!-- <XmlDataProvider x:Key="BookmarkData" Source="testData.xml" XPath="/Favourites"/>-->
<XmlDataProvider x:Key="BookmarkData" XPath="/Favorites">

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Python Django: tzinfo doesn't work for DB insertion. But why does .now(local_tz) work?
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Django.

in settings:

TIME_ZONE = 'Europe/Copenhagen'
USE_TZ = True

Due to DST, clock skips an hour on 2013-3-31. 01:59 goes to 03:00

I views:

The date and time are given in local time. I want these to be inserted as utc.

Code below correctly saves as UTC, but gives RuntimeWarning: DateTimeField r

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JW Player Movie Database service does not work for safari (all other browsers work)
Category : Web Design

I have a script that plays a movie given to it by a service.

<div id="player1">Loading the player ...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
file: "downloadvideo.aspx",
width: "296",
height: "240",
type: "mp4",


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“Reconcile Offline Work” in Perforce doesn't work for me
Category : Programming Languages

In the 2009.1 version of Perforce Visual Client for 32-bin Windows, the "Reconcile Offline Work" option does weird things. In the middle box where the "Local files not in depot" should be displayed, I never get anything. What I do see is that the first time I reconcile a folder, it looks like perforce is filling the box with the "local files not in depot" because a list flashes quickly before

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