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Copy Excel worksheets, macros, and graphs from one workbook to another, moving links to the new workbook
by Dré in Programming Languages

I have an Excel workbook with a number of features:

One main user-facing sheet
One summary sheet based on the user-facing sheet's data
A number of graphs based on the user-facing sheet's data (as in, the type of graphs with a separate tab for them, rather than objects within a worksheet - I'm not sure if they have a special name or special properties)
A series of 'backgr

How to copy and paste the data from one excel workbook to another existing workbook using .NET code
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

Please help, I am creating an appilication in .NEt where I have to copy one excelbook data to another existing excel book.

How to copy and paste the data from one excel workbook to another existing workbook using .NET code.

How to append data to existing workbook's sheet and don't create a new workbook
by pad in Programming Languages

I am trying to work out what I need to change in the following VBA code to append the data at the bottom of data that already exists in a workbook named "Main" and a worksheet named "summary":

Sub MergeAllWorkbooks()
Dim MyPath As String, FilesInPath As String
Dim MyFiles() As String
Dim SourceRcount As Long, FNum As Long
Dim mybook As Workbook, BaseWks As Wor

Keeping the colored highlighted Formulas in all over WorkBook when copying Workbook
by davidg in Programming Languages

"I've tried to make the condition works but no results, there must be a way to paste cells as Formats whenever cell meet the condition(cell color is RGB(128, 128, 128)) else paste all with values, the below coding dosen't work,any i hope my question will be accepted this time and any help would be highly appreciated!
Kindly find my Excel Workbook attached in DropBox link >>>"

Load and copy excel table on a workbook to another sheet on another workbook
by Finland in Programming Languages

I would like to create a button that runs a VB macro, the goal is to load a table that is allocated in a workbook and past it in my current workbook's sheet.

so i have two workbooks, I have to copy a table from destination to my current worbook's sheet.

thanks in advance.

'Set source workbook
Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
'Open the target workbook
Excel VBA or Function to extract Workbook name and data from workbook
by Ken in Programming Languages

Is there any way to extract the workbook name, but then extract only a part of it.
Any version of excel would be fine preferably 2003.

For example



So then I'd like to extract the ID numbers and put them into a column on a master worksheet in anoth

Excel VBA - Use Module in Workbook B to Update Data in Workbook A
by Ir0nh1de in Programming Languages

I have 10 XLS's, each of which contain a a few hundred lines of VBA that do the same thing. I want to move this common code into an 11th XLS, and have the other 10 call the code in the 11th XLS. The common code must have access to all of the data and worksheets in the calling XLS. This last requirement does not seem to be addressed by other answers to this question on SO. Can I pass the calling

Copying colour palette from an unopen workbook for every new workbook
by JulianCT in Programming Languages

I want to write a macro so that everytime a new workbook is opened, it automatically refers to another workbook and brings over that colour palette, the workbook may or may not be open at the time.

The workbook I want to use is on a large network drive, buried in a series of folder - which i cant seem to get the syntax right for either.

Ive seen lots of examples, but can

Assign current WorkBook to Workbook object in Excel
by Hubb1e in Programming Languages

I've tried to assign the current workbook to a workbook object:

Dim wb As Workbook, ws As Worksheet, rng As Range
wb = ThisWorkbook

In this instance, the code is running in and is the currently active workbook. But I get the following error, where am I going wrong:

91 - Object variable or With block variable not set

How to copy columns from closed workbook to new workbook using VBA?
by albenik in Programming Languages

Right now, I'm creating a new workbook with 12 column names all in row 1 and every time I run my macro to test it, the workbook has a different name (Book1, Book2,....)

I want to get specific columns from a CLOSED workbook and paste them to different columns in this new workbook. I do NOT want to use the GetValuesFromAClosedWorkbook because in my macro, the user is picking the file

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