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Powershell remotesigned policy not working with SQL agent Job, but working if run “manually”
by billputer in Databases

I have a SQL 2008 job that does database backups using a Powershell script. Each step in the SQL job is "Operating system (CmdExec)" type. Each step kicks off a powershell script that performs SQL backup and other things. That script lives on a remote server, so that if we need to make changes, we only have to make them once.

If I set the Powershell execution policy to "Bypass",

js not working on IE but working on FF…giving inner.html error..so want to convert in jquery format
by Indiana in Web Design

Why this javascript working fine in Firefox but not in IE 6 and 7 ( haven't checked on IE8)?

giving inner.html error. Can any jquery expert convert this whole code into jquery? as i'm already using jquery on same site for other things.

function twoDecPlaces(theValue) {
var nm = new Number( Math.round( theValue * 100 ) ) /100 ;
var parts = nm.toString().spli

project working in tomcat but not working from eclipse. error :cant find log4j.properties
by weenerdog in Web Design

I have a struts project which, I have imported to eclipse from a war file.
This is working perfectly by deploying it in tomcat. But the same after importing is showing up the error :

log4j:ERROR Could not read configuration file from URL [file:/D:/xxxfolder/xxxworkspace/xxxproject/WebContent/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties].
java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:xxxxxxxxxW

jQuery “onClick” hook not working & event.preventDefault(); not working
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Web Design

I have done a shit tonne of Googling for this and checked this thread: how to stop # links that call javascript functions from jumping to top of page

And many more on how to try and solve this but it just wont work.

I am trying to navigate to a div, by id, on a page WITHOUT the page automatically scrolling to the div.


<a id="submission"

Caroufredsel issue: not working properly to both sides, only working “to the left”
by Pepe Araya in Programming Languages

I'm not using anything but Jquery and Caroufredsel. I'm working with Wordpress generated entries.

It works fine when it goes to the left, but when it auto-scrolls to the right or when I click the right pagination it goes completely nuts.

The live exemple is here:

The code is:


HTTP Post request working on real device and not working on Android emulator
by LittleCodeShop in Android

I'm making a post request to web server that has some php scripts to return some data.

When I run the code in my real phone, the code works well. When testing on the emulator, it does not work. It throws "NULL POINTER EXCEPTION". exception.getMessage() tells NULL

I also tried to access this server by requesting the url directly in emulator from the browser application an

Loopback connections working in user's context but not working from Local System account
by Traut in Operating Systems

We have a networking application that can run from a service account as well as a regular user's account. The app tries to open up a loopback connection to another service running on the local machine. So for example it tries to connect to: port 2000.

On a very small number of Windows machines we're seeing an issue where trying to connect to the loopback service from the L

asp.net gridview sorting is not working with google chrome. it is working fine with internet exprorer 9.
by Dan in Programming Languages

asp.net gridview sorting is not working with google chrome. it is working fine with internet exprorer 9. Can anybody tell what may be causing that to be not working? Here's what i've got,

<asp:GridView ID="HireMeGridView" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
DataSourceID="ListOfUsersLinqDataSource" HorizontalAlign="Center"
PageSize="25" AllowPaging="T

Facebook UserID working with Desktop Version not working in Mobile Device
by Triumph in Development Tools & Services

This Code Works fine with Facebook Desktop Versions but not working on Mobile Devices I want to get current User Id .

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script src="http://static.ak.connect.facebook.com/js/api_lib/v0.4/FeatureLoader.js.php"
// Load the SDK Asynchronously

Application is not working properly in iphone simulator now earlier it was working correctly
by Ted Leung in Mobile Programming

I have an application where i used to display the data on table view on the click of the button, it was working properly and there was no issue or problem,I used to fetch the data from the sqlite3. I installed the phonegap and later I run this program, the app is running but on the click of the button it is not showing anything on the tableview, but when i run the same app in another mac, it is

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