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Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lake Worth, Fort Worth, Texas
by malbojah in Travel
Visitors to northeast Texas looking for moderately priced hotel accommodations might consider the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Fort Worth. Business travelers can enjoy the nearby Forth Worth Convention Center and leisure travelers can explore Forth Worth Zoo or the cultural district. LocationHoliday Inn Express & Suites is located in northwest Fort Worth. The hotel is just a few miles to the

Difference in Liquid Net Worth & Estimated Net Worth
by Dittmar in Personal Finance
No matter whether society is in an economic boom or a recession, it is important to have enough liquidity, or easy access to cash, to handle the emergencies that come your way on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to calculating net worth, there are several different ways to arrive at a definition---and each of the different ways can result in surprisingly divergent numbers. Liquid Net WorthLiqu

Is OOP worth using in PHP?
by OutOfBrain in PHP

There are many debates on whether Object Oriented Programming is good or not. But, using OOP in Php is slower. Would it be a good trade to use procedural programming and faster speed and OOP with slower speed (since classes have to be initiated every time a page loads and big websites will start to become slow).

More importantly, would it be good to wrap stuff inside a class and use

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How to Get Rid of a Car When You Owe More Than It Is Worth
by ElFenix in Personal Finance
People get rid of cars every day. Some people choose to trade in their vehicles, while others sell the car themselves. However, when you owe more than your car's worth, getting rid of it is a bit tricky. There are several ways to get rid of a car when the loan balance exceeds the vehicle's value.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Trade in the vehicle if you plan to buy a new car. Dealerships will
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How to Know My Car Worth
by raven84 in Cars
When considering selling your vehicle, one must ask, "what's my car worth?" The car owner might see their car worth much more than what the customer has in mind. Before listing a car for sale, it is very important to get the correct figure of car worth in order to get the most money out of selling your car.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Go to the Kelly Blue Book website at www.kbb.com.
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What Does Someone's Net Worth Mean?
by Progdis in Personal Finance
Net worth is a measurement of an individual's wealth, factoring in both the assets and debts. A calculation of your personal net worth shows where you are financially and how you are doing towards your financial goals. Someone striving to meet financial goals for investments and retirement should regularly calculate her net worth. Net Worth ExplainedA person's net worth can be simply defined as

What to Do When You Owe More Than the Car Is Worth
by knockout-2.0 in Cars
Reasons can vary as to why you owe more on your car than its worth. “You may be paying more interest charges than car payments,” according to Credit Provider Financial Network. Maybe you paid too much for your car, and couldn’t keep up the payments. By following some simple tips, and researching different options, you may be able to pay your car off, and make a fresh financial st

How Can I Tell How Much My Car Is Worth?
by mikko in Personal Finance
Several websites offer appraisal guides to help you determine your vehicle's value, whether you plan to sell it privately or trade it in toward another vehicle purchase. Other factors may affect your vehicle's value, such as market conditions, buyer interest, availability or necessary repair costs. Use any resources available to you to ultimately determine your vehicle's value. Online Resources
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What Is a Used Car Worth?
by Daniel E. Renfer in Cars
Determining the value of a used car is an inexact science, but with a little sleuthing, you can get an idea. In the end price is determined when a willing seller and a willing buyer reach a consensus. You want to determine a realistic price range for your used car so you can quickly come to terms with a willing buyer. For most buyers the three main factors in determining value are mileage, cond
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How to Figure Out a Car's Worth
by sinisterDei in Cars
Whether you're buying or selling a used car, one of the most important elements is identifying the car's actual value. Knowing the car's worth is the best way to know if you're getting a good deal. In the case of selling a vehicle, figuring out a car's worth is the best way to make sure you get as much money as possible. Assessing the value of a car is relatively straightforward.Difficulty:Moderat
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