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How to check if a text field has wrapped and the number of lines it has wrapped to
by Rakehellion in Web Design

I have a complex vertical nav which includes transparent PNG's in my design. I need to make these menus grow dynamically in height because the content is pulled from a CMS and some buttons can grow in height depending on how many lines the text field wraps to.

Here is my scernario:


What are Tamales Wrapped In?
by Nandor Devai in Food & Drink
Tamales are a traditional food of many Latin countries and cultures. Although most Americans think of tamales as nothing more than corn dough with a spicy meat filling steamed in a corn husk, there are actually hundreds of different types of tamales, each with its own contents and cooking method. Different types of tamales are also wrapped in different materials, which gives each variety a flavo

How Is a Kilt Wrapped?
by greggerz in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The traditional kilt has been worn in Scotland for hundreds of years. You can imitate the look of a kilt with modern utility kilts, but these are often scoffed at by traditional Scotsmen. A real kilt in the old fashion consists of a length of plaid fabric, often 9 feet long, and a leather belt. To turn these two items into a masculine garment takes technique and limber joints.
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Does everything inside a <ul> have to be wrapped in an <li>?
by htcg1htcg1 in Web Design

I need some guidance about nested lists in HTML.

I have a layout that I would like to be built like below. Is it a terrible thing to nest an element not wrapped by an <li>? I'm fairly sure that it is against standards, but don't know what ill effect it has.

<h1>header 1</h1>

How to Get Paid to Have a Car Wrapped With an Ad
by soonk in Business
Getting paid to drive or park your car sounds great. Moving advertisements are gaining popularity more and more, and placing ads on your car is the easiest way to do it. Getting you car wrapped in an ad is fairly easy and economical because you get paid for it. It is hard to sometimes get approved for an ad on your car, as they take into account your car model and year, city and regular driving ro

How Is a Quilt Wrapped?
by Jim Davis in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Large quilts are a challenge to wrap as a gift or for long-term storage. It is not always easy to find a box the perfect size. Without a box, gift wrap around a quilt can tear easily, and the soft, shifting bulk of the quilt makes it tricky to maneuver during the wrapping process. There are simple solutions to quilt wrapping challenges that present and preserve a large quilt beautifully. Wrappi
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Java wrapped images?
by sham63 in Web Design

I have an image I'm drawing in java 2d but I want it to keep wrapping forever once the coordinates are outside the size of the image. The problem at the moment is that once the coordinates that I specify go outside the size of the image, it draws nothing so the image ends.

E.g an image that constantly moves horizontally and doesn't end.

int posx = (int) ((Player.x / 2

How can I order a jQuery wrapped set?
by maniacalpha1-1 in Programming Languages

I need to be able to get the top-most ".ui-dialog" element in a wrapped set.

My first thought was to do something like this:

var topDialog = $(".ui-dialog").orderBy("[style*=z-index]").eq(0);

Is there a nicer way to do this than writing a loop to check the values?

Edit: Just to clarify... I need to be able to get the top-most element a

How do i get the values of wrapped arrays in php?
by Vytautas in PHP

The $wrap array is a wrapped data and options array. How can I echo the array values of $options or $data calling the $wrap array variable?

$wrap = array($data, $options);
$data = array(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8);
$options = array('a', 'b', "key" => "c", 'd', 'e');

AS3 Wrapped-Around BitmapData Scrolling?
by Rob B in Programming Languages

Does anyone have a good solution for creating a BitmapData-based scroller in AS3 that can wrap around an image while scrolling to the left and to the right (and also supports arbitrary speed, not just one pixel per loop)? I'm trying to write a fast and lightweight scroller that may only use BitmapData.copyPixels() and BitmapData.scroll().

So far I came up with this code:

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