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Can I create wrapper class around COM wrapper DLL which consumes .NET functions?
by David Marchant in Programming Languages

Lots of people have discussions about COM interop and I have read them all already.

Case 1: VB 6 or VBA needs to consume libraries in .NET ( I have FileNet objects, IBM already created a COM wrapper DLL which can be consumed by VBA


Mongo / PHP wrapper error - how do i get the wrapper working?
by Mutilator in PHP

I'm getting this error when trying to connect to a mongo server:

Unable to find the wrapper "mongodb" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

The connection string looks like this:

$conn = new Mongo("mongodb://XXXX:XXXX@XXX.member0.mongohq.com:10021/XXX",array("replicaSet" => 'rsname'));

I tried finding ou

DIV inside a DIV wrapper does not keep wrapper background
by frugivore in Web Design

I've been working on a website with a pretty standard layout, header, content, footer, each being a DIV with a 900px width inside of a page-wide DIV, just like the one described in this question:

Full width background, without a wrapper

Now the problem itself is that whenever the browser window becomes less wide than the specified DIV width (900px) the background of th

How to create std::string wrapper that would keep ptr to std::string and ptr to special class function from class that created that wrapper instance?
by Kevin in Programming Languages

I have a class. It has a function void delete_ptr(void *); and void push_into(std::set<my_string> ** pps);. I have 10 instances of this class. Each one is allocated on difrent heap. I have my programm in the main heap, same where my map is. I want to call each of my class instances push_into with my map from main. each of push_into will call (*

Does a Facebook wrapper class written in PHP exist? like Twitter wrapper class written in PHP
by 02ranger in PHP

Where can i get a similiar http://code.google.com/p/php-twitter/ class for facebook?

The above class is very easy if i need to update my status on twitter i just do $twitter->updatestatus("blabla");
i need a similiar class for facebook where can i get it?

salesforce: I want to know what is wrapper class in salesforce and a scenario of using wrapper class with simple exapmle.?
by nedfunnell in Programming Languages

I want to know what is wrapper class in salesforce and a scenario of using wrapper class with simple exapmle.??

ORM with or without DAL wrapper
by okhomenko in Web Design

In all the examples I have seen, ORM's tend to be used directly or behind some kind of DAL repository (presumably so that they can be swapped out in the future).

I am no fan of direct ORM use as it will be hard to swap out, but i am equally no fan of losing the full domain change tracking it provides!

In the past I would have written a data mapper class (Fowler) for eac

How to Put a DIV Into a Wrapper With CSS
by yarry in Internet
Cascading style sheets (CSS), DIVs and wrappers go hand-in-hand. CSS helps you manipulate the way content displays on your Web page, whether you're working with a wrapper (the container that wraps the contents of an entire Web page) or a DIV (a container that holds a section of your page). The wrapper itself is a DIV that acts as a parent container. It can include one or multiple DIVs, each with i
TAGS : Into Wrapper With

How to Use a Wrapper Div
by reflexiv in Internet
A wrapper or container div on a web page is used for several purposes. In this article I will explain some of the reasons to use a wrapper div.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
A web page
A style sheet for your web page

HTML showing a wrapper divA web page may use one or more div elements that are used as wrappers or containers. These divs may have var

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How to do a GWT-Wrapper
by Kishore in Web Design

Hi i need some guidance or pointer of how to do a wrapper of a javascript library.

I make a simple javascript "myTest.js" with a function:

function myFunction(num)
return "Hello World1!";
return "bye World2!";

And the i called in my simple HTML:

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