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Are cores (device abstraction level) of OSs written entirely in C? (Like: “UNIX is written in C”)
by soulcougher73 in Programming Languages

Are cores of OSs (device interaction level) really written in C, or "written in C" means that only most part of OS is written in C and interaction with devices is written in asm?

Why I ask that:

If core is written in asm - it can't be cross-platform.
If it is written is C - I can't imagine how it could be written in C.

OK. And what about IO exactly - I can't im

how to integrate algorithm written in C# onto an android application project that written in Java?
by naemi in Java

I got a big problem in integrating some steganography algorithm that written in C# onto my android project, anybody got any idea how to do so? My android project is steganography in MIDI files and the only algorithm I found is written in C#. Please help me.

python + Semicolon written to file is written on the next line
by Triumph in Programming Languages

I have this simple python expression:

fscript.write (("update %s va set %s = %s where %s = %s;") % (argv[1],argv[2],vl[0],argv[3],vl[1]))

And I would expect to receive output like this

update some_table va set active_id = 1 where id = 5;
update some_table va set active_id = 1 where id = 3;
...more lines...


can a program written in C be faster than one written in OCaml and translated to C?
by Cogman in Network & Servers

So I have some cool Image Processing algorithm. I have written it in OCaml. It performs well. I now I can compile it as C code with such command ocamlc -output-obj -o foo.c foo.ml (I have a situation where I am not alowed to use OCaml compiler to bild my programm for my arcetecture, I can use only specialy modified gcc. so I will compile that programm with sometyhing like gc

How can I add pages written using Tapestry5 to a web application already written in Tapestry4?
by Maxton in Web Design

I'm trying to add pages written with Tapestry5 to a web application written with Tapestry 4 on Apache Tomcat. Assuming I have the necessary jars in $tomcat/shared/lib.

I made a basic form template and corresponding java class to test with, following the example here, then replaced an existing html file with the new one, but I'm getting stuck with a DocumentParseException caused by t

How to Convert Written English to Written French
by Platinumjsi in Education
Whether you want to send a note to French contact in his native language or are organizing a trip to a remote French village, you need to know how to translate English to French. Fortunately, the Internet has made English to French translations easy and almost instantaneous. Since online translators lack the nuance of human translators, a basic understanding of French helps tremendously when attem

.Net - Can a Class Library (dll) written in .Net be used by an application written in C or C++?
by FlyOnTheWall43 in C & C++ & C#

Let's say I have written a Class Library (dll) in .Net and now I have developers using it in their .Net applications.

However, the library itself could probably be useful also for developers writing natively (in C or C++). So my question is if my managed dll can be used in C or C++?

If not, why? Maybe I must add some specific code to make it available to native coders?

Does a Facebook wrapper class written in PHP exist? like Twitter wrapper class written in PHP
by 02ranger in PHP

Where can i get a similiar http://code.google.com/p/php-twitter/ class for facebook?

The above class is very easy if i need to update my status on twitter i just do $twitter->updatestatus("blabla");
i need a similiar class for facebook where can i get it?

Any PHP IDE written in C?
by cmt95 in PHP

It is my experience that all PHP IDEs written on Java are slow. You just can't compare the performance with Visual Studio. I use Aptana and also used NetBeans. Most of the time, your Intelli-Sense will open when you have moved forward typing syntax.

Is there any PHP IDE that meets the performance of Visual Studio?

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.Net Charts are not being over written
by Adam May in Programming Languages

I'm having some difficulty with the MSFT .Net Charts API. I want the chart images to not be deleted


and I want them to be over written every 15 min


But instead what happens is every time I load the chart it just creates a new file.
If I set deleteAfterServicing to true the

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