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problem with XAMPP, access forbidden… looking for d:xampp not c:xampp
by Chaos in Development Tools & Services

I have been using xampp for a while now without any problem. All of a sudden I start xampp today and I am getting an "Error 403 Access Forbidden" when I try to go to my Localhost.

When I check the error logs for apache it says:

[Mon Mar 22 21:48:57 2010] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: D:/xaamp

This is strange, it should fir

Am installing Xampp, the apache service in xampp is not getting installed properly
by swinaz in Programming Languages

Am installing Xampp, the apache service in xampp is not getting installed properly because of an error " port 80 or 443 is already in use". I dont have IIS or skype in my system. The process running at 443 is svchost, and i cant stop it and unable to fix the issue...pls help me

How to change default Requested URL of XAMPP i.e localhost:80/xampp
by tobybot in Programming Languages

I installed XAMPP on windows 7, Apache was not running because Port 80 was not released. I changed it to 81 in “httpd” (C:xamppapacheconf) and now its working.
Issue is that every time xampp control panel opens localhost:80/xampp and then I have to manually change it to localhost:81/xampp. Please guide me, where I have to make changing to make default Requested URL localhost:81/xampp

(AvastSVC.exe and XAMPP) / (Virtual Host on XAMPP)
by lewing in Programming Languages

So I installed XAMPP and it worked fine at first (At least I think so. I typed in localhost and got the XAMPP page).

I have the files for the site I'm working on in my Dropbox folder so they stay up to date across my computers. I was looking for a way to point XAMPP to my working folder so I didn't have to work in htdocs and then move it back to Dropbox.
I found this thread: <

PHP APC DLL for xampp 1.8.1
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

Where can i find the matching php apc dll for xampp 1.8.1 on windows xp sp3 32 bit, PHP Version 5.4.7 and Zend Extension Build-API220100525,TS,VC9 ?

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Cannot log into xampp
by her209 in Programming Languages

Is there a way to find your old user name and password for xampp if you have lost it? Also, the xampp server says 'xampp user; does that mean that 'xampp user' is the user name?

Alternately, is there a way to rest the username and password, if the originals cannot be recovered?

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How to run ASP in XAMPP?
by ajjaeger in ASP & ASP.net

I have tried installing the asp mod into my xampp, however, I got a Server Error when I am trying to run a asp file.

Anyone can help? Thanks!

or Is there any alternative method for this?


how to run xampp on cd?
by z1ggy in Programming Languages

I have a product catalog using apache, php and mysql. I need to put it on a CD, so it can be run from it direclty. What possibilities are there?

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how to use xampp with php
by YooperDave in PHP

i'm a beginner with php and i'm wondering how can i use this using the xampp server?
would appreciate your ideas.


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How to Get to Php.ini in Xampp
by James Lupiani in PHP
When you want to make PHP settings in XAMPP, it's important to know where the "php.ini" file is stored. XAMPP is software that lets you install an Apache Web server that contains MySQL, PHP and Perl. PHP uses the "php.ini" file to store and read settings. The file may be located in one of a few different spots, depending on how your system is configured.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Na
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