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Formatting a UITextField for credit card input like (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx)
Category : Programming Languages

How can I format uitextfield for credit card input with spaces and only numbers.

- (BOOL)textField:(UITextField *)textField shouldChangeCharactersInRange:(NSRange)range replacementString:(NSString *)string

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Linker fails to link my application (XXXX already defined in XXXX.obj)
Category : Programming Languages

When I try to build my application the linker gives loads of errors like this one:

modlauch.obj : error LNK2005: "public:
virtual __thiscall
(??1lolbutton@@UAE@XZ) already defined
in lolbutton.obj

I suspect it has something to do with misconfigured compiler but I don't know how to fix it. My class is only include

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How to change 0.xxxx to xxxx in Java
Category : Java

As mentioned above. I give one example, let's say all the test values are less than 1 but greater than 0.

0.12 (precision: 3, scale:2)
0.345 (precision: 4, scale:3)
0.6789 (precision: 5, scale:4)

how do i convert those value without hard-coding the scale and precision value.

0.12 -> 12
0.345 -> 345
0.6789 -> 6789

for 0.1 and 0.01 and 0.001 s

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<asp:XXXX > vs <%# %>/<%@ %>
Category : Programming Languages

I'm starting to learn ASP.NET and going through the tutorial videos on www.asp.net. I understand the basic concept of web application frame works like ASP/PHP/ASP.NET. HTML/XHTML is created with special tags that the server knows to read and replace with content. I did a little bit with ASP during a summer internship back in the 90's.

Yet with the few examples of ASP.NET I've seen

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SecurityException: caller uid XXXX is different than the authenticator's uid
Category : Programming Languages

This is for the record only.
I received the above exception when trying to implement Sample Sync Adapter application. I have seen numerous posts related to this issue but no satisfactory response.
So I will jot down my solution here in case anyone else gets into the same issue.

First, check the condition explained on this post http://loganandandy.tumblr.com/post/613041897/

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Oracle: formatting number as xxx-xx-xxxx
Category : Programming Languages

I am querying social security number data from a stored procedure and I would like to format it as a social security number in my stored procedure.

How can I format xxxxxxxxx like xxx-xx-xxxx in Oracle?

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Can't bind to local XXXX for debugger
Category : Programming Languages

I keep getting the Can't bind to local XXXX for debugger message in console, but not for 1 port, for all random ports. I have done what's stated in this question, but with no luck.
I'm running Windows 8. In fact, these problems started after the upgrade to Windows 8.

[2012-11-02 16:40:41 - ddms] Can't bind to local 8627 for debugger
[2012-11-02 16:40:41 - d

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Data truncated for column 'xxxx' at row 1
Category : Programming Languages

I have just moved a php site to a new server. One of my queries is failing with Data truncated for column 'xxx' ar row 1 message. I checked that this field is float (10,6) type. And the values I provided white updating are not of exactly float(10,6) format and they vary .. like sometimes I put 0 only, or 54.56666 only .. so any idea how do I sort it out??

On t

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Build definition xxxx does not exist
Category : Web Design

I intergated TFS2005 to TFS2010 successfully and I have to use Visual Studio 2005 to edit and build the project using build types. These build types were declared before the integration. I need to use one of them.
But when I try to build a project the following error message appears:

TF215016: The build definition xxxx does not exist. Specify a valid build definition and try ag

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Regex to match the pattern: something FROM xxxx TO yyyy
Category : Programming Languages

I am working on some text processing for location based services where I want to find out if the input matches the type something sth FROM xxxx TO yyyy. Basically I need to find out source and destination that user types.

For example

show me how can I go from xxxx to yyyy
I want to go to abcd
I want to go from abcd to xyz


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