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How Can I Tell the Age of My Yorkshire Terrier?
by davidg in Pets
The average life span of a healthy, well-bred Yorkshire Terrier is approximately 12 to 15 years. If you've adopted a new Yorkie without knowing his exact date of birth, there is no way to be 100 percent sure how old your dog is. However, by taking a good look at certain aspects of your new pet's teeth, face, and habits, there are many signs that can give you a good general idea of his age.Difficul

How to Use Yorkshire Fittings
by Stuka in Home & Garden
Sealing a soldered copper connection requires the correct use of heat, flux and solder. Incorrectly flowing solder into a copper plumbing connection causes water leaks that are time consuming to fix after the line fills with water. A Yorkshire fitting eliminates the guess work involved in soldering a copper connection by having the solder adhered to the inside surface of the fitting. When the York

How to Buy a Yorkshire Terrier
by Stas in Pets
The Yorkshire Terrier, or "Yorkie," is one of the most popular breeds of dog, prized for its small size, cute look and playful demeanor. Before you buy one though, be prepared to shell out some dough, learn all you can about the breed and know what to look for when you begin your search.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Research skills
A love of dogs

About Yorkshire Terriers
by Derek in Pets
The Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie, is a small dog breed with a long, silky coat. Yorkies are popular pets because of their small size and playful personality. Most weigh no more than 7 lbs., and are about 8 inches high at the shoulder. Their coat is a blend of tan, brown, white, black and blue; the colors and patterns vary considerably from dog to dog. HistoryAs the name of the breed suggests, Y

About Yorkshire Puppies
by Isaac in Pets
Bred from hunting dogs in Yorkshire, England, the Yorkshire Terrier is named for this region. The breed appeared in the mid--19th century and is small, bright-eyed and soft-haired. This handful of puppy contains a double handful of spirit.

Hotels in Hawes, Yorkshire
by dantino in Travel
Hawes is a small town in the county of North Yorkshire, northeast England. The town is set in the hills of Wensleydale, and is home to Wensleydale Cheese and the Dales Countryside Museum, which houses the disused Hawes Railway Station. Hawes is a thriving market town, and offers easy access to the hills and valleys of Yorkshire Dales National Park. After spending the day exploring the area, visito

What Is a Yorkshire Terrier's Diet?
by Drift King in Pets
Yorkshire Terriers are small, energetic dogs. Their diets are similar to that of other dogs, but you do need to take into consideration their size when determining how often and how much to feed your dog. When Yorkies are puppies, you might need to feed them as often as four times a day to keep up with the calories they burn, but as they age you can cut back on the number of feedings per day. F

How to Care for a Yorkshire Puppy
by John Studdert in Pets
Yorkshire terrier puppies are playful, friendly and often mild-mannered. Generally obedient, Yorkies require a certain amount of care that is specific to their breed that will keep them healthy, behaved and feeling good. Fortunately, their care is quite easy and most are typically compliant.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Premium puppy food
Slicker brush
The History of Yorkshire Pudding
by textmate in Food & Drink
Yorkshire pudding is a traditional English dish that usually accompanies roast beef or roast chicken. It has been a British Sunday Dinner staple for more than 250 years. Made from flour, eggs, milk, seasoning, and the drippings from the roast meat, this batter dish is served on the side and covered in gravy. GeographyThe roots of Yorkshire pudding lie in the northern quadrant of England; howeve

Yorkshire Selby Hotels
by Ed. in Travel
Sitting 20 miles east of Leeds, 12 miles south of York, and less than 40 miles from Hornsea and the North Sea coast, Selby is an ideal base for exploring much of Yorkshire. The town itself is a market town dominated by Selby Abbey that stands at the end of the market place. There are not many hotels within Selby itself but there are plenty within just a few miles. The Selby HotelThe Selby Hotel

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