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Instructions for Zeroing in EOTech
by Javier Pitalua in Sports & Fitness
The EOTech holographic site combines the best of laser site technology and conventional archery site mechanisms by superimposing a holographic laser site image inside the site mechanism instead of projecting the laser light onto the target. For those used to conventional archery sites, zeroing in the EOTech site is much different. Line up the EOTech site and arrow point of impact in a few steps.Di

malloc zeroing out memory?
by jihe in Programming Languages

Given this C code compiled with gcc 4.3.3

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main(int argc, char * argv[])
int * i;
i = (int *) malloc(sizeof(int));
", *i);
return 0;

I would expect the output to be whatever was in the memory that malloc() returns, but instead the

NSDateFormatter zeroing minutes
by ISAslot in Operating Systems

When converting a date string for the server into a NSDate - which is in this format


we're using this dateFormat in NSDateFormatter


but the minutes are always zero minutes.

Collections of zeroing weak references under ARC
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

How can I get an array of zeroing weak references under ARC? I don't want the array to retain the objects. And I'd like the array elements either to remove themselves when they're deallocated, or set those entries to nil.

Similarly, how can I do that with a dictionary? I don't want the dictionary to retain the values. And again, I'd like the dictionary elements either to remove them

gsub within before_validation method is zeroing out my value
by lync-server-2010 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to remove dollar signs and commas from my form input (for example, $1,000.00 => 1000.00)

I have the following following line in my before_validation method in my model:

self.parents_mortgage = self.parents_mortgage.to_s.gsub!('$,',').to_i

This is causing any number to be put through to zero out. Is there something wrong with my syntax?<

Manually zeroing variables VS copying struct
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Programming Languages

I have a long C (not C++) struct. It is used to control entities in a game, with position, some behavior data, nothing flashy, except for two strings. The struct is global.

Right now, whenever an object is initialized, I put all the values to defaults, one by one

myobjects[index].angle = 0; myobjects[index].speed = 0;

like that. It doesn't really

calloc — Usefulness of zeroing out memory
by scsscs in Programming Languages

What is the advantage of zeroing out memory (i.e. calloc() over malloc())? Won't you change the value to something else anyways?

How does the ARC's zeroing weak pointer behavior implemented?
by Zog in Programming Languages

I'm studying ARC. And now about zeroing weak pointer.
OK I understood all the features. The semantic of weak reference is just same with weak reference of GC system, but you know, Objective-C doesn't use GC (except special case) so I can't understand how does this work.

I'm a little complicated guy, so I need to know underlying implementation principal to accept the feature to

Need help in zeroing on webbased xmmp group chat client
by Simon Dick in Web Design

I need a webbased group chat client that can interact with various xmpp servers.

I did some research and found muckl , speeqe and tigase minichat but I have one more issue I am deploying my site on shared hosting.

So want to know if anybody has installed any group chat software on shared hosting ( like bluehost ) and which will be the best possible client for the same.

Regex for zeroing in on build output text error
by iNate2000 in Programming Languages

I'd like to quickly hone in on what failed in a build log output that is nearly 5k lines long, using Notepad++ as my editor for the file. Notepad++ has the nice ability to specify regular expressions, so I am wondering if there is a way to not match:

Compile complete -- 0 errors, 0 warnings

but to match, for example:

Compile complete -- 1 error

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