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Perl regexps not matching string with leading zeros / incorrectly escaped numerals with leading zeros on command line in Perl
by undeinpirat in Programming Languages

I have updated this question, as in the original question the issue I was chasing turned out to be an alltogether different bug (not interesting in this context). But the second order mistake I did in testing is something others may run into and produced an answer with a very interesting insight, so I'll leave this here as a question.

I was trying to track down an issue with regular

How to Fix an ESN With All Zeros
by Demo24 in Electronics
A cellphone's electronic serial number (ESN) is what tells the cellphone carrier, like Verizon and Sprint, who the phone belongs to, what carriers it has been activated on and if it is stolen. Sometimes when a cellphone is reset by the user, the ESN resets to show all zeros. The phone will not operate correctly if this is the case, but there is a quick programming fix for a reset ESN.Difficulty:Ea
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Pad with leading zeros
by Skurge in Programming Languages

How can i pad my integer variable with leading zeros.
like i have an integer abc with value 20 but i want it to be '0000020'.


quarterlyReportDataCMMS.QRTrailerRecord.FileRecordCount = Convert.ToInt32(refEligibleClaimants.Count);
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PHP remove first zeros
by wolf1306 in Coding

Want to remove all 0 placed at the beginning of some variable.

Some options:

if $var = 0002, we should strip first 000 ($var = 2)
if var = 0203410 we should remove first 0 ($var = 203410)
if var = 20000 - do nothing ($var = 20000)

What is th

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filled with zeros
by foghorn67 in Operating Systems

How can I fill with zeros at left? My code is:

QString reelId = QString("Month %1").arg(QDate::currentDate().month());
qDebug() << reelId;

and out is: Month 2 and I want Month 02;

Thanks you very much.

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How to Customize Dub Zeros
by Justin Bowers in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Michael Jordan Dub Zeros are popular shoes originally made in 2005. Since the Dub Zeros' release, offshoots of the shoe began to appear, remaking the original white, red and black show to encompass more colors and styles. In addition, the Dub Zeros have become a popular shoe for designers to customize because of its style and uniformed color scheme. Customizing a shoe should be done with cauti
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How to Find Zeros on a TI-89
by clifton anderson in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The zeros of a polynomial equation are the values of x that make the polynomial equal to zero. These values are referred to as roots. Depending on the complexity of the polynomial, determining roots by hand can be time consuming and make you prone to err. The TI-89 line of graphing calculators can solve many types of these equations, including trigonometric, rational and high-degree polynomials. K
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RNGCryptoServiceProvider and Zeros?
by Raghu in Programming Languages

walking through some cryptogtaphy stuff , I saw that RNGCryptoServiceProvider has 2 methods :





And so I ask :

What is odd with Filling an array of bytes with a cryptographically strong sequence of r

Ant add trailing zeros
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

Hello i have a variable in Ant: ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}
And i wan't that this variable is always 6 characters long.
If not Ant should add trailing zeros.

1 should be 100000
39 should be 390000
5656 should be 565600

How is this possible using a Ant build script?


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Right shift with zeros at the beginning
by nasy in Programming Languages

I'm trying to do a kind of left shift that would add zeros at the beginning instead of ones. For example, if I left shift 0xff, I get this:

0xff << 3 = 11111000

However, if I right shift it, I get this:

0xff >> 3 = 11111111

Is there any operation I could use to get the equivalent of a left shift? i.

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