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How do you figure out what the neighboring zipcodes are?
by Franklin Henderson in Programming Languages

I have a situation that's similar to what goes on in a job search engine where you type in the zipcode where you're searching for a job and the app returns jobs in that zipcode as well as in zipcodes that are 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 miles from that zipcode, depending on preferences set by the user.

How would you calculate the neighboring locations for a zipcode?

how do I map (on a geographical map) data in R just given the US Zipcodes
by BiaachMonkie in Programming Languages

for a school project I have to map some data on a geographical map in R. Therefore I've got some data containing the zipcode and many other information (just no more information on the state, county or whatever).
I've been trying to point out on a map of the usa first all the zips I have. Just dots. Afterwards I wanted to mix and match the criteria like the count of zips I have in the data

Regex incl new zipcodes
by joshboles in Programming Languages

We have a regex that will handle and validate
danish zipcodes: xxxx
norwegian zipcodes: Nxxxx (inhouse custom pattern)
swedish zipcodes: Sxxxxx (inhouse custom pattern)
greenland zipcodes: Gxxxx (inhouse custom pattern)
iceland zipcodes: xxx

Well you get the idea.

Now I need to incl Faroe island zipcodes on the pattern of FO-xxx

What I have s

Can I get Only US zipcodes from geonames JSON response?
by eroi in Programming Languages

Hi I am Using jquery UI autocomplete plugin for zipcode field.

jQuery UI autocomplete plugin uses geonames.org's JSON response.

Here is my code to get response :-

jQuery( "#"+prefix+"_zip" ).autocomplete({
source: function( request, response ) {
url: "http://ws.geonames.org/postalCodeSearchJS

Rails, all zipcodes within distance from zipcode
by Furchin in Programming Languages

I'm trying to find out: given a zipcode, what are all the zipcodes within an X-mile radius of that zipcode.
I've found a few solutions, which I've posted below, but I want to know if there are any better solutions specifically for Rails or Ruby (in other words, a gem, a gist, etc.). The Ruby solutions I've found are a few years old, so it seems like there could be a better solution availab

Get zipcodes within N miles java client
by DrMrLordX in Java

Goal... Given a Zip code and a number of miles... get all zip codes within N miles.

Found one utility here in .NET: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/9198/ZIP-Code-Utility
Found another utility in PHP.

Also found this: http://api.geonames.org/findNearbyPostalCodes?postalcode=53714&country=USA&radius=50&username=demo

Is there such a client

Anyone got a regex for all known international postcode/zipcodes?
by deshao in Programming Languages

I've been searching for a global postcode based regex but not found one. Anyone know of one that exists?

mySQL select zipcodes within x km/miles within range of y
by Rhoxed in Programming Languages

Note: Although I use a zipcode database with Dutch zipcodes, this question is country independent.

I have a database with every zipcode in the Netherlands + its x and y coordinate (lat/long).

I have for example zipcode: $baseZipCode = 1044; with the following coordinates:

x coordinate = 4,808855
y coordinate = 52,406332

Form a query to find duplicate zipcodes
by xguru in Databases

I have a zipcode table. I want to look through this table and find every zipcode that is in it twice. The table does have a primary key set on it(zipcode_rid). How would I do this?

Also, I am aware that there are official multi-state/city/county zipcodes. That is what I'm wishing to find.

My table structure is like so:

zipcode_rid (int, unique, primary key)

get driving distance for a zipcode to multiple zipcodes in v3
by Copter in Web Design
fxnGetNearestDealer: function () {
//Gets LatLng for given Zipecode and displays the dealer.
fxnGetLatLngforZip(function () {
//Gets The Nearest Dealers Index out of dealers in the site.
fxnGetNearDealerIndex(function (distance) {
//Gets Html

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