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How to Set Up a ZyXel Router
by Remyx in Computers
ZyXel produces a wide array of wired and wireless routers that allow you to connect several computers and share a single broadband Internet connection. Whether you need to enable wireless connections for a group of laptops or connect office workstations to the Web, the process for configuring a ZyXel router is about the same. Compatible with most DSL and cable broadband modems, you can have your Z
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How to Install ZyXEL on a Mac
by Indiana in Computers
ZyXEL produces DSL gateways and other equipment for Internet service providers. Install the ZyXEL modem to your Mac to browse the Internet, check email or download files. While the technology has become quite advanced, the installation process is straightforward.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Ethernet cable
DSL filter
Phone line

Insert the

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How to Reset a ZyXEL Modem
by DJ-phYre in Computers
The ZyXEL Prestige series of DSL modems is equipped with a reset button on the back panel that will restore the modem to its factory defaults. If your ZyXEL modem is acting up, try resetting it before you call your Internet service provider's technical support. It can save you the time waiting on hold, and possibly prevent the hassle of an on-site service call.
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How to Unlock a Zyxel P2302r
by cashshadow in Computers
The Zyxel P-2302r is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networking device with router capability. To unlock the device, you must access the log-in screen from a computer connected directly to the router. The P-2302r has a built-in HTML page for logging in. Once you are at the log-in page, you will need to supply a password to access and make changes to the settings.Difficulty:EasyInstructions

How to Troubleshoot a ZyXEL HomePlug AV
by LeeFlannery in Computers
The ZyXEL company produces several products that you can use to build your network in your home or office. One such is the HomePlug AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter, which allows you to extend your network throughout your home or building by using the power lines in your walls. If your HomePlug AV is not operating properly after you have installed it, try to get it back online by following a few trou

How to Change a Password on Zyxel
by ronansprake in Internet
Secure your wireless network with a unique password. This prevents anyone nearby from using your wireless Internet service, whether it be your neighbors glomming onto your paid service or hackers looking to access your information. If you feel your security is compromised or you haven't changed the password on your Zyxel router, use the Web Configurator to change your password.Difficulty:EasyInstr

How to Open a Port in ZyXEL
by Franklin Henderson in Computers
The ZyXEL router is touted by its makers as the "total Internet solution." The administrator of the network may need at some point to open ports on the ZyXEL router to allow software, such as torrent trackers, to have access to the network. In order to open a port on a ZyXEL (or any) router, you need to have the administrator user name and password for the administrative interface. The administrat
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How to Install a ZyXEL X-550 Router
by Mai72 in Computers
Wireless routers such as the ZyXEL X-550 provide a greater level of mobility that wired networks lack, making them popular with both home and office environments. Setting up the ZyXEL X-550 router is made easier with the addition of an Internet connection and wireless security setup wizard. These wizards help make it easier to create strong wireless security and properly set up your wireless netwo

Zyxel 660 Modem Specs
by kraszie in Computers
The Zyxel Prestige 660M-D1, or Zyxel 660 for short, is an Internet modem Zyxel Communications Corp. designed for both home and small business use. As a modem, the Zyxel 660 is responsible for modulating and demodulating data between the digital signals of a computer and the analog signals of a telephone line. Several specifications of the Zyxel 660 serve as examples of its design and performance c
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How to Configure a Zyxel NBG318S
by pmaiorana in Computers
The Zyxel NBG318S series Super G wireless home AV router allows computers and laptops within its range to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Computers are also able to connect to the router using a hard connection with an Ethernet cable. After acquiring your router, you might have questions about how to set it up and program it to work wirelessly in your environment. Fortunately, configuring your


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