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Magnolia Bark & Ziziphus Jujuba

Magnolia bark and Ziziphus jujuba both play an important part in
Chinese herbal medicine, according to the Institute for Traditional
Medicine and California Rare Fruit Growers. Though both trees
originated in China, they have migrated to other parts of the world,
usually as ornamental trees. You may have a medicinal tree growing on
your street and not realize it. Magnolia TreesMagnolias play an
important part in Southern United States landscaping, according to
Southern Living. These large, smooth-barked trees bloom with
chalice-shaped pink or white blossoms that give off a pleasant
fragrance. These trees love rich, warm, slightly acid soils and full
sun. They hate wet feet and should be p
Magnolia trees give gardeners a bold display of flowers in spring or
summer, depending on tree species. Among those most widely grown in
the temperate areas of the United States include star magnolia
(Magnolia stellata), saucer magnolia (M. x soulangeana) and southern
magnolia (M. grandiflora). A healthy magnolia tree produces the best
flowering display as well as an attractive branching silhouette. Cool,
evenly moist, acidic soils benefit magnolias. Mulches such as pine
straw or bark nuggets also help magnolias grow their best. Mulch
BenefitsMulching over the root zone of a magnolia tree provides
numerous benefits, for both the plant and the gardener. An organic
mulch layer deters weeds,
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Magnolia trees, a member of the Magnoliaceae family, are renowned for
their beautiful spring blossoms. Several species of fungi and an
insect can attack the trees and produce dead bark, stunt their growth
or even kill them. Proper cultural practices can control these
problems. Canker DiseaseCanker disease, which is caused by several
species of fungi, can result in dead bark on a magnolia tree. A canker
displays as a depressed area on the trunk, stem or branches of the
tree that contains a collection of dead tissue surrounded by a circle
of callused tissue. The dead bark discolors and oozes a fungal resin,
while fruiting bodies of the fungus appear on the branches or leaves
of the magnolia
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Magnolias are prized in the garden for their large blossoms and
graceful shape. However, mold on the bark creates not only a cosmetic
problem but also a health issue for the tree. Mold on branches
indicates an underlying pest problem that should be addressed, because
these insects damage leaves by sucking up leaf nutrients. Sooty
MoldSooty mold is a fungus that attaches itself to the branches and
leaves of magnolia trees. The mold is able to stick because of the
presence of honeydew, which is a sticky secretion from aphids, scales
and whiteflies. Mold is able to spread from tree to tree by the wind.
You can tell that your magnolia tree has become infected with the
fungal disease when the
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The bark of Asian varieties of magnolia trees has a number of uses.
Traditional Chinese and Japanese practices used bark of magnolia
species in medical and metaphysical applications for thousands of
years. Experiments conducted in the 18th and 19th centuries regarding
medicinal uses of magnolia bark proved inconclusive; plants proved no
valuable or lasting uses. However, in the 21st century, new uses of
magnolia bark have arisen, including weight loss assistance.
Chinese Medicinal UsesThe use of magnolia bark in traditional Chinese
medicine began more than 2,000 years ago and persists in the 21st
century. Chinese herbalists and doctors associate magnolia bark with
the stomach, lungs, sple
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Bark damage on a magnolia tree is like a flesh wound on a person. If
it is minor, it won't cause much damage. But if it is severe enough,
it can affect your tree's growth and vigor. It may even kill the tree.
Unfortunately, once the damage has been done, you can do little but
wait to see if it will recover. CausesBark damage can occur on
magnolias at any time. Young trees have thinner bark and are more
likely to be damaged by animals like deer, rabbits, beaver and voles.
Animal damage to trees is more common in the winter months than at
other times. Magnolias also can be damaged by accidents, storms,
lawnmowers or trimmers.
ImportanceIf severe enough, bark damage can
kill even the heal
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Herbal remedies such as magnolia bark extract have been used in
traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The extract has been used
to treat conditions ranging from constipation to halitosis.
IdentificationMagnolia bark extract is an alcohol-based tincture
derived, as the name implies, from the bark of a magnolia
FunctionThe main active ingredients in the extract are
magnolol and honokio. These two compounds have been found to reduce
stress-related symptoms.
EffectsMagnolia bark extract has also
proven effective as an oral care agent, fighting conditions, such as
halitosis and tooth decay.
HistoryMagnolia bark extract has been
used in Chinese medicine since at least 100
Magnolia bark is used as an herbal supplement. It has a particularly
long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine where it is known
as hou po. It is harvested from the Magnolia officinalis, which is
native to and cultivated in China. The Magnolia officinalis can grow
to a height in excess of 60 feet. Weight ControlMagnolia bark can
be used as a weight control supplement in certain circumstances. When
a person is under stress, it sets in motion a hormonal chain reaction
that results in a rise in cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that exerts
effects on a number of body functions. An article originally
published in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, Cortisol Connection:
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