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Find two longest strings separated by dash

By : Jim_A
Date : May 03 2020, 10:04 AM

I want to define two new variables as the longest strings from a given string.

if the string does not contain any dashes, just choose it for both.





$s1=`welcome` // order not important
$s2=`holiday`// order not important


Answer :

fix it with explode function and sorting result array by length of words:

$orig = 'welcome-to-your-world';
$parts = explode('-', $orig);
if (1 < count($parts)) {
    usort($parts, function($a, $b) { return strlen($a) < strlen($b); });
    $s1 = array_shift($parts);
    $s2 = array_shift($parts);
} else {
    $s1 = $s2 = $orig;

echo $s1 . PHP_EOL . $s2;

Fiddle here.

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