Modifying SQL code to pick the Dropdown list instead of constant text

Modifying SQL code to pick the Dropdown list instead of constant text

By : user2185261
Date : November 21 2020, 04:01 AM
wish of those help In the below query I would like to redirect ''MyDivision_1'' (MyDivision_1 is a constant text) to a dropdown list selection. , You can use a parameter inside SELECT query like this:
code :
SELECT sProductName, sDivision, sStockistName, Qty FROM TblPresentStock 
WHERE sDivision = @MyDivision_1
<%-- Dropdownlist example --%>
<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" ... />
    <asp:ListItem Text="SampleText" Value="SampleValue" />

<%-- SqlDataSource --%>
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" 
 ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:dbFOConnectionString %>" 
 SelectCommand="..." ...>
         <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="DropDownList1"
              Type="String" />

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I have binded a grid with List<int> (temporary list), how can i pick the list text into controls text in item temp

I have binded a grid with List<int> (temporary list), how can i pick the list text into controls text in item temp

By : L. Thornton
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? I have binded a grid with List (temporary list), how can I pick the list text into controls text in item template in grid view. , If I get you, lstdenomination is a List. You can do this
code :
   <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Value">
            <asp:Label ID="lblValue" runat="server" Text='<%# Container.DataItem %>'> </asp:Label>
how to pick dropdown list item

how to pick dropdown list item

By : Jonathan Tinajero
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? Define a change event for your select, get the selected value, and go from there (assign values to your option elements)
code :
$("#middle").change(function() {
    var selected = this.value; //value of selected attribute
    if (selected == "call1") //do stuff
dropdown dependent pick list

dropdown dependent pick list

By : Venkatesh J
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
When a user pick a speaker name on a dropdown list only the speakers expertise will show in the next topic dropdown list

When a user pick a speaker name on a dropdown list only the speakers expertise will show in the next topic dropdown list

By : stryitg
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . There are some basic things you can look to improve with your implementation. The biggest is you don't need to keep querying the same table for different pieces of data. If you are okay with running the SELECT * on the speakers table then you can skip the rest of your queries.
The next task is to try and make your code less dependent on singular values. If you notice you are writing the same code for value 1, value 2, etc then try to think about how to abstract your code so that it can work for an unlimited number of values.
code :

    // Based on your code and image these appear to be the fields in the speakers table:
    //  speaker_fullname
    //  speaker_image
    //  speaker_videolink
    //  speaker_specialization1
    //  speaker_specialization2
    //  speaker_specialization3
    //  speaker_specialization4
    //  speaker_specialization5

    // Make your connection
    $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);

    // Get speakers and all their data (you only need one query!)
    $result = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT * FROM speakers");

    // Store the speakers for later
    //  (You could maybe use this instead but depends on your PHP version:)
    //      -> http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli-result.fetch-array.php
    $speaker_array = array();
    while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
        $speaker_array[] =  $row;      

    // Apparently you have session values? You don't start the session though?
    //  See: http://php.net/session_start
    $session_speaker_fullname = ( ! empty($_SESSION["selectedSpeaker"])) ? $_SESSION["selectedSpeaker"] : '';

        <div class="form-group">
            <label for="speaker">Preferred Speaker:</label>
            <select name="speaker" class="form-control" id="speaker" style='text-transform:capitalize;'>
                <option value=""></option>
                <?php foreach($speaker_array as $row):;?>
                    <option value="<?php echo $row['speaker_fullname'];?>" 
                        <?php if($session_speaker_fullname == $row['speaker_fullname']) echo "selected";?>
                        ><?php echo $row['speaker_fullname'];?></option>
                <?php endforeach;?>
        <div class="form-group">
            <label for="topic" id="topicTitle" class="hidden">Topic:</label>
            <select name="topic" class="form-control" id="topic" style='text-transform:capitalize;' autofocus required="required">
                <!-- this will get populated via JavaScript -->                        
        <script type="text/javascript">

            // Let your data be used by JavaScript
            var speaker_array = <?php echo json_encode($speaker_array); ?>;

            // A function to update the topic select
            function update_topic_select_list() {

                // Clear the current topic list

                // Only re-build the topic list if a speaker is selected
                if ($('#speaker option:selected').val() != '') {
                    var topic_array = Array();

                    // Find the correct speaker
                    for (var i = 0; i < speaker_array.length; i++) {

                        // The speaker name matches
                        if (speaker_array[i].speaker_name == $('#speaker option:selected').val())

                            // Add the values to the topic array

                            // Stop the loop

                    // Update the topic list
                    for (var i = 0; i < topic_array.length; i++) {

                        // Don't add empty values
                        if (topic_array[i] != '') {
                            $('#topic').append('<option value="' + topic_array[i] + '">' + topic_array[i] + '</option>');

            // Watch for changes to the speaker selection
            $('#speaker').change(function() {

                // Do you need to do anything else?

                // Call the update function

            // Force a change trigger after page load - in case you need that session value set?
Python and Selenium - Pick value from dropdown list

Python and Selenium - Pick value from dropdown list

By : user3614488
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Induce WebDriverWait() and element_to_be_clickable() and click on first dropdown div tag to expand and the click on the dropdown item.Hope this will work.
code :
WebDriverWait(driver,10).until(EC.element_to_be_clickable((By.XPATH,"//ul[contains(@class,'dropdown__menu')]//li[@class='dropdown__menu_item']//a[@data-et-on-tab='women' and text()='Dresses']"))).click()
WebDriverWait(driver,10).until(EC.element_to_be_clickable((By.XPATH,"//div[contains(@class,'dropdown__selector')]/following::div[1]//ul[contains(@class,'dropdown__menu')]//li[@class='dropdown__menu_item']//a[@data-et-on-tab='women' and text()='Dresses']"))).click()
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