ngFor does not render my obersavle response, but it does inset old values I add to the array?

ngFor does not render my obersavle response, but it does inset old values I add to the array?

By : user2185282
Date : November 21 2020, 04:01 AM
it should still fix some issue Fixed it!!!
I needed to assign my response to a variable and then push it into this.openedRecipe.Receptregels, if I do that it works, if not it does not work.
code :
  splitLine(line: Receptregel, recipe: Recept) {
this.recipeService.splitRecipe(line._id, recipe._id);
this.recipeService.updatedRecipe.subscribe(updatedRecipe => {
  const newLine = updatedRecipe.newLines[0];
  const newLine2 = updatedRecipe.newLines[1];
  }, err => console.log(err));

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*ngFor two values from array

*ngFor two values from array

By : Steven Ricker
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help update
If you want to provide pipes by data, something like this should work:
code :
<td class="text-navy"
  *ngFor="let col of cols">
{{value | pipe:param}}
{{value | pipe:param[propName]}}
Does ngFor directive re-render whole array on every mutation?

Does ngFor directive re-render whole array on every mutation?

By : laciga
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help No , it re-renders only when the array itself is replaced by a different array instance.
convert http obervable response to array supported by ngFor

convert http obervable response to array supported by ngFor

By : amadou
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . I'm trying to load select option dynamically based on API response and for http request, I'm using obervables in Angular5. , Below will work:
code :
this.roleService.getRoles().subscribe(roles => {
  this.roles = roles;
  <h2>Hello {{name}}</h2>
<div class="container row">
  <div class="col-md-6">
    <form [formGroup]="userRegform" novalidate>
      <fieldset class="form-group">
        <select id="userrole" class="form-control " name="userrole" formControlName="userrole" data-live-search="true">
          <option *ngFor="let p of roles" [value]="p['ROLE_ID']">{{p['ROLE']}}</option>
      <fieldset class="form-group">
        <select class="form-control selectpicker" data-live-search="true">
          <option data-tokens="ketchup mustard">Hot Dog, Fries and a Soda</option>
          <option data-tokens="mustard">Burger, Shake and a Smile</option>
          <option data-tokens="frosting">Sugar, Spice and all things nice</option>
*ngFor iterating the values of the array

*ngFor iterating the values of the array

By : Kush Agrawal
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. It's not 3, it's the length of your comments array. You are iterating over the array of 3 items, it will always be 3 stars if there are 3 comments.
Add stars property to your comments:
code :
this.commentList = this.commentList.map(comment => Object.assign(comment, {stars: new Array(comment.Rate)}));
<ul class="list-inline ratingList" *ngFor="let x of comment.stars">
  <li >
    <i value="x"  class="fa fa-star fa-lg"></i> 
import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core';
@Pipe({name: 'toArray'})
export class ToArrayPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(value: number): any[] {
    return new Array(value);
Using *ngFor to display string values from array

Using *ngFor to display string values from array

By : megaecki
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps To make array from string with , delimiters use String.prototype.split method
code :
<tr *ngFor="let row of array">
  <td *ngFor="let info of row.split(',')">{{info}}</td>
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