Using constant string in all include pages

Using constant string in all include pages

By : ivy3reine
Date : November 22 2020, 04:01 AM
wish of those help I think that creating a dedicated Class Library with a class that holds the constants and then add that project as a reference (or even create a NuGet package from that project and use that instead) to all projects that require those constants is the best way to go.
The class could look something like the following:
code :
public static class MyConstants
    public const string str1 = "VAL1";
    public const string str2 = "VAL2";

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Include constant in string without concatenating

Include constant in string without concatenating

By : ymygc
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you No.
With Strings, there is no way for PHP to tell string data apart from constant identifiers. This goes for any of the string formats in PHP, including heredoc.
Does Java Compiler include String Constant Folding?

Does Java Compiler include String Constant Folding?

By : MichaelB
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . I found out that Java supports constant folding of primitive types, but what about Strings? , Here's an easy test:
code :
public static void main(final String[] args) {
    final String a = "1" + "2";
    final String b = "12";        

    System.out.println(a == b);
Is it possible to include an external file as a string constant in go?

Is it possible to include an external file as a string constant in go?

By : huda
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following , This is not possible in pure Go. You could however write a program that reads a file and creates a Go file from it, such as this:
code :
package main

import "flag"
import "os"
import "fmt"
import "bufio"
import "io"

var (
    packageName = flag.String("p", "main", "package name")
    outFile     = flag.String("o", "-", "output file. Defaults to stdout")
    varName     = flag.String("v", "file", "variable name")

const (
    header  = "package %s\n\nvar %s = [...]byte{\n"
    trailer = "}\n"

func main() {


    if len(flag.Args()) != 1 {
        fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, "Please provide exactly one file name")

    var inF, outF *os.File

    if *outFile == "-" {
        outF = os.Stdout
    } else {
        var err error
        outF, err = os.Create(*outFile)
        if err != nil {
            fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Cannot create %s: %v\n", *outFile, err)

    inF, err := os.Open(flag.Args()[0])
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Cannot open %s: %v\n", flag.Args()[0], err)

    in, out := bufio.NewReader(inF), bufio.NewWriter(outF)

    fmt.Fprintf(out, header, *packageName, *varName)

    buf := make([]byte, 16)

    var n int

    for n, err = io.ReadFull(in, buf); n > 0; n, err = io.ReadFull(in, buf) {

        for i := 0; i < n-1; i++ {
            fmt.Fprintf(out, "%#02x, ", buf[i])

        fmt.Fprintf(out, "%#02x,\n", buf[n-1])



    if err != io.EOF {
        fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "An error occured while reading from %s: %v\n", flag.Args()[0], err)
Include pages to index.php or create top and bottom part of page and include to all content pages?

Include pages to index.php or create top and bottom part of page and include to all content pages?

By : Кирилл Холодюк
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help I recommend just using php includes for the header, nav, and footer elements and then placing a class (home, about me, contact, etc.) on the body tag (for highlighting nav elements and such). This way the content is on separate pages and gives you more freedom, but saves you from having to retype all of the navigation and stuff each time.
code :
    <!DOCTYPE html>

        Hello World
    <meta name="description" content="Use this area to provide a description of this page.">
    <?php include '_php/_includes/head.php'; ?>

<body class="home">

<?php include '_php/_includes/header.php'; ?>


Content Goes Here

Remember: 'div' elements should only be used for non-semantic styling purposes. Content should
be placed in either a 'section' or an 'article' tag.


<?php include '_php/_includes/footer.php'; ?>


How to properly include a constant string in DocBook 5.0?

How to properly include a constant string in DocBook 5.0?

By : user7795609
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you After a bit of digging, I found the solution to be internal DTD subset. I mistakenly assumed that DTD is not supposed to be used altogether, but it was incorrect.
This page explains it well: http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Db5Entities.html. Relevant quotes:
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