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Python's AppKit and ObjectiveC Delegates

By : user3851553
Date : October 16 2020, 11:12 AM
To fix this issue The first step towards successful development of a PyObjC based Cocoa/AppKit application is to learn Objective-C and then learn Cocoa.
The second step is to drop Python and just use Objective-C for your application.
code :

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Problem with #Import <AppKit/AppKit.h> in Xcode

By : Truck99
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine AppKit is not available on the iPhone, nor is NSIMage. You need to bring in UIKit and use UIImage.

Converting to Precomposed Unicode String using Python-AppKit-ObjectiveC

By : Hal Seki
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need OC_PythonString (which is what Python strings are bridged to) is an NSString subclass, so you could get an NSMutableString with:
code :
mutableString = NSMutableString.alloc().initWithString_("abc")

'AppKit.framework/AppKit.h' file not found

By : jderridew
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
should help you out Xcode outputs an error when I try to import , even though the file exists. , Change that line to:
code :
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>

Passing back info between delegates on ObjectiveC

By : Vijay Shukla
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times Your CameraSessionView instance will be released from memory as soon as viewDidLoad ends. You need to store it in a property in PhotosTableViewController so that it is retained.
Your delegate should also be defined as weak, e.g.
code :
@property (nonatomic,weak) id< CameraSessionViewDelegate >delegado;
   if([self.delegado respondsToSelector:@selector(uploadPhotosFromCamera:]){
        [self.delegado uploadPhotosFromCamera:_images];

`ImportError: No module named AppKit` after installing AppKit and PyObjC

By : Ling Yuan Hu
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps It turns out someone has written a package called AppKit that is completely distinct Mac operating system component. Here is the other AppKit:
code :
$ pip search appkit
AppKit (0.2.8)  - Desktop application framework based on Webkit HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
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